Gruesome: 400 Bodies Found in Mass Graves in Gaza

As the Israeli army left Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis they executed people and dumped them in two hastily made mass graves 

The true extent of the Israeli genocide in Gaza is slowly being unveiled on a daily basis. Gaza has indeed become a graveyard for Palestinians who are killed by Israeli soldiers.

The unveiling of the latest massacres, among the many thousands made over the past seven months by Israeli warplanes and tanks, is being discovered outside the Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, where Israeli troops have been in deep fighting there over the last four months.

Palestinian civil defense teams discovered hundreds of bodies buried by the Israeli army in two mass graves outside the Nasser Hospital in the city located in the southern past of the Gaza Strip.

At least 400 bodies were found in a decomposed state hastily buried by Israeli bulldozers. Most of these were children with their hands tied behind their back according to news reports. The media and social media has been inundated with this heinous discovery.

This has been a developing story starting, Sunday but the exhumation of the bodies are likely to continue for days to come.

Palestinians were shocked to discover their relatives were among those that were buried in the mass graves. Initially, 200 bodies were discovered that included women and children that were killed before the Israelis withdrew from the area on 7 April.

It was a gruesome find. “We found corpses without heads, bodies without skins, and some had their organs stolen,” reported the Director-General of the Government Media Office in a statement, Ismael Al Thawabteh.

Rescuers said they found bodies in plastic bags with Hebrew writings written on them. They said many of these bodies had their hands tied, suggesting they were executed before being buried in the mass graves.

Al Thawabteh said there are still 700 bodies unaccounted for. Israeli troops had withdrawn and the search is still going on.

“We believe that there are hundreds of martyrs that are still missing after they were executed and buried by the Israeli occupation forces in mass graves,” the Turkish TRT quoted him saying. But the figures continue to vary because of the chaotic and bloody situation in south Gaza.

Reports from the Palestinian News Agency Wafa suggest a total of nearly 2000 people are still unaccounted for in Khan Younis after the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation army.

Dr Asmar is an Amman-based writer covering Middle East Affairs

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