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Articles by: Zeenat Khan

Alzheimer’s Burden On Families

Alzheimer’s Burden On Families

  What can be more ironic and catastrophic when a renowned linguist loses her language altogether,as the deadly Alzheimer’s disease (AD) fiercely ravages her brain? That is what did happen to Alice Howland, a professor and a linguistics expert at Columbia University, New York. Initially, it started with her inability to remember the word ‘lexicon’ while giving a lecture. From[Read More…]

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A picture shared on Twitter by the activist Ye Du showing Mr. Liu and his wife, Liu Xia. Credit Ye Du, via European Pressphoto Agency

Liu Xiaobo And Liu Xia: A Love That Survived Incredible Odds

A photo shared on Twitter by activist Ye Du was inserted in arecent front-page story in the New York Times. The skeletal like couple (Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia) clinging onto one another will break any heart. In the photo, frail Xiaobo is pictured in his hospital pajamas and delicate Xia with shaved head in her everyday street clothes. The[Read More…]