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Articles by: Zeenat Khan

Greta Thunberg, autism and her America tour

Greta Thunberg, autism and her America tour

Sixteen-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg is my hero. Except for a handful of cynics, who wouldn’t be impressed by this soft-spoken girl with a no nonsense demeanor, seriously concerned about the well being of the planet earth? She has inspired millions around the world to change their perspective beyond the “here and now,” and onto the future in regards[Read More…]

Shova Rajmoni Hosna---New Age photo

Another senseless dowry death

  How many Shovas have to endure violence, severe torture and sometimes death when extortionary dowry demands cannot be met? How many monstrous husbands and in-laws will abuse and kill innocent young women because their parents cannot pay the dowry amount to the husbands or to their families? Despite anti-dowry laws in Bangladesh, such crimes are unabated. This has been[Read More…]

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Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe with her daughter Gabriella

Will Nazanin be forgotten?

For a decade,NazaninZaghari-Ratcliffe, a 41-year- old British-Iranian woman had a normal life in north London. She had a home, a job, husband and a beautiful daughter named Gabriella. A 2016 visit to Iran changed all that. Nazanin was arrested and taken away at a Tehran airport by the members of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, an elite faction of the government. She[Read More…]

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Alzheimer’s Burden On Families

Alzheimer’s Burden On Families

  What can be more ironic and catastrophic when a renowned linguist loses her language altogether,as the deadly Alzheimer’s disease (AD) fiercely ravages her brain? That is what did happen to Alice Howland, a professor and a linguistics expert at Columbia University, New York. Initially, it started with her inability to remember the word ‘lexicon’ while giving a lecture. From[Read More…]

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A picture shared on Twitter by the activist Ye Du showing Mr. Liu and his wife, Liu Xia. Credit Ye Du, via European Pressphoto Agency

Liu Xiaobo And Liu Xia: A Love That Survived Incredible Odds

A photo shared on Twitter by activist Ye Du was inserted in arecent front-page story in the New York Times. The skeletal like couple (Liu Xiaobo and Liu Xia) clinging onto one another will break any heart. In the photo, frail Xiaobo is pictured in his hospital pajamas and delicate Xia with shaved head in her everyday street clothes. The[Read More…]