Video by Aabha Joshi, Neethu Saji and Kritika

Now that Mr. Modi has appealed to the people to maintain calm for the next 50 days while he brings back the ‘black money’ from the ‘rich’, the people continue their struggle to get by each day.

A fruit seller accounts the result of demonetization on her, who is one among the 93% of the unorganized sector of the Indian working class. She tells how despite working each day from morning till the night, she has been unable to make 50 rupees a day. In spite of exercising her fundamental right to vote and participating in the democracy, she is disappointed that the state has not been able to deliver anything as she continues to share her plight. The recurrent issue of change for the new 2000 rupees currency note has directly impacted her everyday earning as she hardly has the change to return the customer on a purchase of Rs. 100, hence she is forced to decline the purchase. Even the small amount of old denominations of 500 and 1000 had to be exchanged in the market at a loss of 50 rupees.

She has left us wondering how much share of black money is accumulated with the poor juxtaposed to rich.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    The sufferings of women, that too in unorganized sector, are more than those working elsewhere. The fruits seller who has to buy household items on a daily basis by selling fruits has to look after change on a daily basis. With five hundred rupees nite out of circulation, the entire burden is on smaller hundred rupees notes. Even they are on the short supply side. Neither new notes nor older hundred rupees are easily available in rural areas. This ordeal of a woman fruit vendor moves one to tears.

  2. waghodekar says:

    If it is true that a fruit seller earns Rs 50 per day, one can conclude that the ruling governments since 1947 had indeed done nothing to improve the lot of 93% labour force (?) working in un-organized sector. The present government came to power with thumping majority in late 2014. How can one hold responsible this government for the sins committed by the predecessors?

    See the paradox: On one hand we state that note of Rs 500, 1000 are out of market, on the other hand the seller is unable to accept Rs 2000 notes from customers. This is an intellectual exercise misleading the world. Please do not split the hair.

    See my case. I am a senior citizen, 75 years old with a family of 4 adults. I had 3 coins on 8th November 2016, one coin of Rs2, 2 coins each of Rs 1. I re-planned my expenses, stopped even purchase of vegetables. I got retina emergency surgery of RE on 4th April 2016, my 95 years old mother expired on 30th April 2016, had cataract operation of LE on 18th June 2016. I could not go during Diwali festival (of lights) to see my bachelor unemployed sister 53 years old staying away from me alone at a distance of 150 km. I had planned to see her on 13th Nov 2016, But no money, only 4 Rs in tact. On 12th Nov I could withdraw Rs 4000 from my Bank Account getting 40 notes each of Rs 100 denomination.I saw my sister as planned. We common man of India are for self sacrifices for the larger good of the country. Our PM is determined to weed out the cancer of corruption, the baby of predecessors. No roll back.

  3. Shankar says:

    Stoke the discontent! Vote modi-bin-tughlak out!