My name is Nabakishore Pradhan. I am a farmer from Odisha. My family is dependent on our agricultural produces and now is suffering due to demonetization. I cannot get loan from the banks to tend to our farming needs. My relatives do not have money to avail medical facilities. In every field of life, we are suffering. Life has come to a standstill. As a society too, we are suffering collectively. In Koraput and Kalahandi, there are people who still are not fully informed about the implications of demonetization. Hence, they have not found a way to exchange their currency notes which they have saved since long. They are now doing barter trade instead, to overcome the hurdles. Such dire situation is unfortunate…I do not think this problem is going to go away for at least another couple of years. The government’s stress on e-payment is of little use for most people in our country who are not that aware of the nuances of online business and many people will be cheated by fraudulent activities in coming days. This decision is extremely dangerous for our society.

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  1. K SHESHU BABU says:

    One month has passed and there is no end to sufferings. This is one of the many tales of farmers in odisha affected adversely by ban of currency notes and short supply of other smaller notes. Banks do not have ‘ cash’ to grant loans to farmers or poor people …