Globally, bees and butterflies, the winged beauties of the insect-beasty world, are dying, vanishing from habitat and planet.  Bees and butterflies are pollinators.  Without them, there will be no flowers.


But it does not stop there.  The agricultural food chain of humanity collapses.  A horrifying explosion of worldwide starvation then results.  What happens when people are chronically hungry?  What are the political solutions people attach to when times are grim, and populations are desperate?

Soon there will be more plastic in Earth’s oceans than fish.  Picture, if you can, a globally encompassing ocean of solid and liquid plastic, without orcas, jellies, dolphins, sea turtle, and without whales.

plastic pollution ocean

Ocean is where Earth life began

Annually, many more trees are destroyed by climate fires than are being planting.  When the trees are gone, life will end. The total species of land and air, choked into extinction!

Take a deep breath.  Picture a dead zone planet.  Picture, if you can, a lifeless Earth.  Think on this.

More than 80% of fires in nature are caused by human carelessness and disregard.  The loss of wildlife is horrific. How to sustain a growing, monopolizing population within catastrophically reducing space?

Each of these chilling factors is a call to action.  Increasingly, at accelerating velocity, the whole planet is at risk.  Can you imagine—do you dare to imagine—an entire planet in dire jeopardy?

There is no alternative for us and for the other life forms that have evolved here, in this shared space, this place of the miracle of life.  There is no Planet B.  Here is what is; this is it. So, choose.

Keep on choosing: Homecoming (returning by connecting to belonging), Housekeeping (living an ecology of self-realization through eco-centric empathy; attuned terms of the maturity of love–ecosophy), or Extinction (the dreamless judgement of Nothingness).  The absolute, valueless, and irreversible Judgement of Nothingness.

There is a direction, driving toward the end—and it is cataclysmic.  There is a direction turning toward renewal.  Time is running out.

David Sparenberg is a world citizen, environmental & peace advocate & activist, actor, poet-playwright, storyteller, teacher and author.

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