Scenes from War: ‘Gaza as we know it no longer exists’

Israel continues to destroy neighborhoods in Gaza, whether its in the north of the strip or in the south. Everything, according to the Israeli war machine, is fair game because the people here are not civilians but Hamas fighters even if they are babies and toddlers.

Israel calls it self-defense. The world, excluding the USA and most western governments, call it Genocide but the Israelis are in no mood to listen.

The latest on the agenda is another residential bloc, one of many reduced to rubble in the ungodly, sadistic war on Gaza that will not stop. It’s a shame that humanity and countries have continued to look the other way as people – women, children, men, old, young – have continued to be targeted and killed in scores.

Why is the world looking the other way while the slaughter goes on. What does the Zionists have on world leaders. Perhaps we really do think Israelis are the chosen leaders, that they are allowed to commit murder while everyone of us keeps our lips sealed.

We watch, perhaps cry and look the other way. Over 25,000 thousand have been killed in Gaza and the counter is on full speed. Homes are destroyed, there is no infrastructure, 1.9 million have been displaced and hundreds of thousands are either sleeping in the streets, in bombed out shelters or tents waiting to die from the cold.

In Gaza innocence is lost, only guns, tanks murder remain.

The Palestinians of Gaza are not even allowed to get aid. There are thousands of trucks on the Rafah border unable to move. There is currently a slinging match between Israel and Egypt over who is stopping the aid from coming to Gaza. And when it comes in, it does so at a trickle. If not by bombs, Gazans are dying through starvation and lack of water.

We have been reduced to cowards, afraid to speak up. O sure the people of the world are protesting and making their words heard but the people in power, those whose decisions matter, are spineless, unable to speak the truth.

And there are the mosques that are being destroyed.  Between 1000 and 1200 were raised to the ground and/or partially destroyed by Israeli missiles. Why the surprise? Most of these mosques are part of the blocks of houses that have been destroyed in Gaza so its naturally they would be hit. The Gaza Ministry of Religious affairs says more than 100 imams and religious scholars have been killed. Some of these mosques are of historical value and need about $500,000 to be rebuilt and restored.

And then somebody posted a videoclip, sadly saying “Gaza as we know it no longer exists” – its annihilation. Apart from the killings, the 365-kilometer strip has been reduced to rubble and debris. But its resistance continues to have the guts to fight.

Dr Marwan Asmar is a journalist from Amman, Jordan

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