War Scenes: Gaza is Not Well!  

Gaza is not well. A woman tries to tell the world through an appeal for emergency help. She says if people are not being killed by Israeli strikes, they are dying from hunger, starvation and disease.

She is speaking from the city of Rafah and only managed to make the video through some of the journalists there because electricity and the internet has been completely cut off in the whole of Gaza by the Israelis.

She says there is 1.5 million displaced people from Rafah, coming to assemble here from all over Gaza. She says these people have neither food nor drink and calls on the outside people to show mercy and provide the necessary aid.

She said that on judgement day, every Muslim will be asked about Gaza and why nobody sought to do anything, stressing the point that Gaza is not at all well and that God protects the resistance.

If Gaza is not well it’s because of the Israelis and the constant bombing and murderous actions Palestinians are being subjected to. Today, 1.9 Palestinians out of the Gazan population of 2.2 million have been displaced because of Israeli bombs that can be anything from one ton to four tons of deadly explosives.

This is a war on civilians, not Hamas operatives.

Desecration of 16 cemeteries

Another desecration of cemeteries in Gaza. CNN says 16 cemeteries have been bulldozed by the Israeli army since 7 October with the bodies trampled on and left out in the open in muddy shrouds.

Even the dead in Gaza should not rest. But why would the Israelis want to bomb cemeteries?

They say they are looking for those held in captivity but is this true? What here, in a graveyard!

A call to the Muslims of the world. One blogger says we in Gaza perform the prayer ritual six times a day: Morning, noon, afternoon, evening, Ishaa and then there is the prayer for the dead.

She adds unlike the five traditional prayers, the last is performed throughout the day.

As to emphasize the fact that killing by Israeli missiles and bombs are constant part of everyday life in Gaza, the woman says casually to us, the receivers “I’d thought I point out to you in case you didn’t know”, adding may God protect us from the terrible mayhem.


The other issue here is there is no water in Gaza. Before prayers can be performed, Muslims have to wash themselves through ablution which is a direct part of the supplication to God.

How do you do that in Gaza when water simply does not exist or is at its absolute minimum? Using “unclean” water is frowned upon, which is what many people drink now to try and survive and thus get sick in the process.

And therefore, the Israelis – and there is no suggestion about that – are directly attacking the Muslim religion with no bother.

Face of innocence

The face of the innocents in the Israeli genocide of Gaza is everywhere. Israel kills the innocents while people from the international community – ordinary men and women – continue to speak out against the atrocious situation.

Carpet-bombing has become the usual thing for Gazans with the scale of destruction of cities, towns, and camps unprecedented. But the problem is the latest rampage on civil society in Gaza is related to the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories which has existed for the last 75 years, to 1948 when Israel was created by British compliance and Jewish terrorism.

Do Israelis care whether Palestinian kids die from their bombs and/or they are being starved to death by their military and politicians? You can hear Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu say to continue carpet-bombing Gaza and starve its children. But Israeli Heritage Minister Amichai Eliyahu says nuke Gaza and be done with it.

And then there is the laughter. A child stays all day waiting at a food distribution center and comes empty-handed with the cocking pot that was given to him by his mother.

He was asked did you get any food?

He laughs more as he runs along saying “Conditions are difficult.” Then the camera switches to the distribution center with huge numbers of people queueing to see if they can get a pot of food to feed their hungry kids.

The UN World Food Program say nine out of 10 people in Gaza are eating less than one meal a day.

Bissan starts by saying the world is failing us! She is filmed going to get two buckets of water from a “bathroom” where she has to walk to, taking her 20 to 25 minutes to get to the place, starting her day at 6 am to get away from the pitch-dark place.

She is dismayed, tired and angry. “We are struggling, would the coming days be any better?” she asks, disappointingly adding “The world is failing us.”

As a girl from the north who was displaced south of the Gaza Strip and is now living in a shelter, she feels the worst with no water, electricity and no bathrooms as Israelis say they are going to continue with the war till 2025 and will not allow anyone to return.

By their vile military actions against the civilians, the Israelis want to make the Palestinians leave Gaza. Their politicians, especially the extremist right-wing and those on the lunatic fringe have said it often enough and continue to repeat it.

Marwan Asmar, who has a Phd from the UK’s Leeds University, has long worked in the field if journalism in Amman, Jordan.

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