Genocidal DNA

Gaza Funeral
Palestinians bury the bodies of people who were killed by the Israeli military, during a mass funeral in Rafah, Gaza Strip, Tuesday, Jan. 30, 2024. [AP Photo/Fatima Shbair]

In his essay “Genocidal DNA – Depravity, Evil and Cowardice in the ‘West’ as well” [1] Jeremy Salt presents an interesting thesis.  The line that stood out, apart from the descriptions of the massacres and depraved actions of all involved was,

It is as if there is something in the DNA of genocidal colonial-settler societies, past and present, that creates the unspoken bond between them. After all, Israel is only doing what they all have done.

Inhuman DNA

The DNA argument could stand up to a scientific argument, considering the overall tendency of our species along with many others, to kill their own offspring in order to promote their own genetic line.  Couched in cultural terms that would be argued as family, tribe, clan, and nation/race as dividers. 

As for ‘western DNA” it began with the migration of early homo sapiens into Neanderthal territory in present day Europe.  While a minority have argued for peaceful interaction between the two groups most archaeologists understand that there would have been a strong cultural contrast with the newly arrived groups resulting in the end of the Neanderthals.  That we have a small percentage of our DNA in common argues not so much for peaceful interaction – and in consideration of the subsequent record – argues more for rape, slavery, and servitude of the female population.

European DNA

Advancing the story several thousands of years and the European legacy is one of warfare between clans, tribes, and larger cultural groups, early kingdoms and empires.  European history is seldom taught as if art, science and music were the main factors, but is always taught as wars for territory, power, and wealth through this small Asian appendage.  As their technology developed more and more power, Europeans waged war constantly against each other and broadened their horizons into overseas empires. 

World War I was essentially a land war in Europe but much of that combativeness derived from the then imperial powers wanting not only more land and wealth in Europe, but more power and control in overseas empires.  For the latter, the historical record is one of brutality, of military force and coercion to control other societies for their resources.  Narrowing it down even further, Great Britain was perhaps the nastiest of these colonial empires, straddling the globe through Africa, South Asia, and the Americas. 

British DNA

Jeremy Salt describes the current actions of Australia, New Zealand, and Canada in relation to Palestine/Israel as,

There is not a flicker of outrage in any of the statements put out by western governments. There is so much they could do to stop the slaughter.

These three countries are part of the “Five Eyes” with an agreement to share information between each other, and it is known that Canada, the U.S., and Great Britain share “security” information with Israel, and trade regularly with military materials and personnel support.  The British colonial-settler heritage is what binds these nations.

The United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia were all established as nation states by the use of genocide and ethnic cleansing, creating an environment wherein British imperial racism continues to flourish to this day.  India and South Africa did not become part of this informal British empire as there simply were far too many indigenous people to get rid of in order to have a cozy white western society.  Israel became a part of this colonial settler enterprise with the Balfour Letter that was later quasi-legalized by the Versailles Peace Treaty of 1919, a peace that was not to be. 

It is no wonder then that these countries in particular, but also along with other European countries, that at one time strived for global empires (see any World War I history), have not done anything of substance to stop the genocide, massacres, and ethnic cleansing in Palestine.  Sure, they occasionally put out a small platitude of peace, but take no actions that have any effect on Israel’s continuing attacks as per Salt’s comment above. 

Mr. Salt ends his article with a warning,

This would be a war massively more vicious and destructive than any fought with Israel so far.  The outcome of such a collision would determine the future of the Middle East for the next century.

He is referring to the expansion of the war into Lebanon, Syria, and on into Iran.  Yes, it would certainly affect the Middle East for the next century, it would also affect the western world and beyond for much longer than just one century.  It would affect everyone perhaps for far longer.  Even as it stands now, the repercussions from the Palestinian resistance have reshaped the global opinions of the global ‘south’ much more strongly against U.S. hegemony and Israeli genocidal incorrigibility. 

Jim Miles is a Canadian educator



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