Man Becomes Food For Stray Cats in Gaza

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is citizen journalist Bissan for Gaza speaking on the horridness of war (loosely used because it’s more like ethnic cleansing) perpetrated by the Israelis on the enclave that seems to be stretching for months on end.  What follows is an edited version of what she said in a video clip.

“A man from Gaza City was going to out bring some food to his family using his bicycle – this is because there is no food, no transport, no markets, there is nothing in the north of the Gaza Strip,” Bissan talks to the camera.

“As he was searching for food he was killed, shot in the back by an Israeli sniper! So, instead of bringing some food, he became food for the strays, for the hungry cats roaming the streets of the city as elsewhere in the enclave.

 And like hundreds he will be found as a human skeleton whose body decomposed after weeks of laying in the streets of Gaza that has already been torn apart by the relentless Israeli bombs and missiles.”

Bissan says “Gaza city for those who don’t know, and especially in the last five, years became the city of lights for us and its still – by the way, it’s one of the most beautiful places in the whole area, not only in the Gaza Strip, what I mean is that Gaza city was beautiful on the level of Palestinian cities.

But all this has changed now. Today, this city is full of people, starving and being killed in the streets.

I don’t how we can forget these unjust crimes. How can we deal with the terrible things we are living in now, how can this father’s children live with this pain. How can they deal with being without a father, that their father was killed because he was searching for food for them.

He represented all the other fathers that were killed in Gaza and his children represent all the other children that were also murdered in my once beautiful city, still is to my mind.

There are so many questions about these fathers, about these children, there is a sense of cold alienation. We will now never know the name of the father or his children nor of the other fathers and their siblings and of the many still under the wreckage and rubble, laying as decomposed skeletons.

So yes, the crimes continue with new sufferings persisting.

Thanks world on day 121 of the slaughter.”

Dr Marwan Asmar is a journalist from Amman, Jordan


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