VT Padmanabhan

Maradu Flat Demolition Fraught With Danger

DEMOLITION OF BUILDINGS VIOLATING COASTAL REGULATION ZONE (CRZ) NOTIFICATIONS IN KERALA, INDIA, 2020 Executive Summary The Kerala State is the biggest violator of the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) Notification, which…

India Based Neutrino Observatory–Internal Report Shows Aquifer Impact Is Inevitable

The India­based Neutrino Observaory (INO) proposed to be set up under the Cardamom Hills (09.9632361°N, 077.2729306°E) in the Western Ghats, a UNESCO heritage site,  near the Kerala­Tamil Nadu border with its entry portal in Pottipuram village in Theni  district   of   Tamil   Nadu   has   been   opposed   by   the   local   communities   and  the environmentalists. The first INO Risk Audit Report was published in Countercurrents. 2  The main issues raised in the the Risk Audit Group's articles are: (a)…

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