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The article below is a reflection on the perfect world, on perfection and ways we perceive perfection. It also directs on how one should move towards the perfect world one desires.

Today, I remembered that negative strokes create more impact than positive strokes. This thought itself made me to dwell in fathomless inquiries. People forget what good you do as soon as you commit a bad deed, so is it that the world is moving towards perfection? When there is so much intolerance for negative strokes, can one be hopeful that the world will soon be filled with the positive strokes? Will the world improvise to ensure that all people will transact only positive strokes or, is this merely a fantasy?

What is perfection? The term itself is understood and interpreted by different people differently. Is there really something called perfection? Or is it just an epitome we are moving towards? The next question that comes to my mind is how do people actually react to the negative strokes? Perhaps this is where the answer lies. The answer to the perfect world! The attitude and perception of people towards negative strokes is something which is decisive for our future. Do we really even take the negative strokes positively? Yes, those stroke, those words, those actions which we really don’t agree to. How do we react to them? Are we prone to giving a deaf ear to the negative strokes just because we think that we are perfect? Our ideas and understanding is the best, we know everything? Or are we having the potential to perceive things from different views? Are we stuck to the world view as dictated to us by the society we live in? Or we take challenge to have our own view even when it is contradictory to what is so strongly held by the world around us? So strongly held that these ideas have gone deep in our culture and lifestyle; so deep that our interpersonal contacts, our family, our friends, and our acquaintances all now think so much alike.

By now, I know most of you would have started thinking what is it that I am trying to say? And if this is the case, I have been successful in meeting my objective, to make you think. Now let me make my point clear, the perfect world which some of us may dream of totally depends on our understanding and outlook towards perfection and most importantly how do we approach this perfection if at all it exists. First and most important is our approach to criticisms. People don’t like to be criticized, they do not like those who can critique or think critically, perhaps, because their ideas may contradict yours or their suggestions are something you are not prepared for, or yet, they may pose questions, the answers to which you had never thought of. So is being a critique really a fault? Should one incline their thoughts so much to the society that they live a more comfortable and accepting life? Should they submit their original self to the social minds? To that social mind which is nothing but a collection of individual minds? Is it that if we all think in the same direction development will pave its way? Has it been so? Unfortunately, No! Unless there be a storm of thoughts and resistances to the actions we plan, we can be sure that there would not be any development. So what is essential? It is vital that one thinks and perhaps thinking is something that never stops. What is needed is to channelize one’s thoughts. And this channelizing is not by flowing in the river of social thoughts, but, in becoming more comprehensive, in becoming more tolerant. The more tolerance you have, the more you receptive you will become to the signals around. Again, I would emphasize that by being tolerant it does not means that you start agreeing to whatever one is saying. All I am saying is to hear their perspective and other’s perspective, research upon the subject matter from different perspectives, develop a better and deep understanding and then think, then reflect and then propagate. Change what one expects first requires a perfect, clear vision of where one wants to be and then mobilizing others for this much anticipated change. Sadly, today most of agencies and potential agencies responsible for creating change have adjusted so well to the existing system that even a single voice that sounds different is taken as a disturbance, a distraction which needs to be mended as soon as possible. A better understanding and exercise of democracy is the need of the hour, the need for taking this fantasy of ‘The Perfect World’ towards ‘Reality’.

Richi Simon, an academician and scholar who frequently contribute her thoughts, literary works and research works on various social issues, even those that may slip from a common man’s eyes. Her work has appeared in various anthologies, journals and books at national and international platforms.



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