In a complaint that was filed by the National Confederation of Human Rights Organisations on December 7, 2020 against the mob violence on Madvi Muka and 27 other victims in Chhattisgarh, the SHRC, Chhattisgarh has ordered the police submission of an action taken report. The case came to light when a Hindutva mob attacked the people during the prayer that was organised by Madvi Muka at the small community church he had set up at his home in Chingavaram, Chhattisgarh on November 25. A group of around 20 people came at around 2 a.m. with sticks, rods, and other weapons and started attacking the people.

There were around 60 people present at the site who had come to pray. Madvi Muka and 27 others sustained several injuries, some of which were more severe than others. Madvi Muka was hit by an arrow. The attackers had also shouted religious slurs at the blurs and other abuses.

The national committee member of NCHRO, Adv. Ansaar Indori, had filed a complaint in the SHRC against the incident. The SHRC, in response to the complaint, has asked the Superintendent of Police, Sukuma, to submit an action taken report of the incident. We had urged the SHRC to ensure a fair trial and investigate the matter in the complaint.

Ishu Jaiswal,
Delhi Chapter,



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