There is an elephant in the room

internet surveillance

Can you see it,

right here, inside


the tusks dripping blood?

Do you see it,

drunk in adulation

the peak of its head held high

still climbing with every cheer

from the boisterous crowd?


Are you seeing it-

the large microphonic ears

flapping on himself

like a decorated fan?


Those distrusting eyes

penetrating through you

in quiet surveillance?

The silent threat of the trunk

reaching out for you?


Huge pillar like legs

trampling the ground beneath

in a dancing orgy

intoxicated with power?


That whip-like tail

with deadly nails

whirling round at its back?


Are you still not able

to see it?


I can, very clearly!

But wait…

you may,

when one day

you are gored by the sharp tusks

and flipped up

into the sky!


Also,may I add,

It remains there

only because

you are unable to see it

Translated from Malayalam by the author with KC Muraleedharan


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