Auguries of Ruin

Amar Jawan Jyoti

The juvenile remoulding of symbols by quenching the flames of the Amar Jawan Jyoti flame and magically merging the dead flame with one in the National War Memorial has caused widespread disgust.In the favourite tactic of surgical strikes the act had been neither in public demand nor anticipated.The logic barely stands scrutiny.

Sure the dead in the First ever World War was not for India’s freedom.But their courage and heroism on distant shores proved their fighting capacity and skill,and is cherished by generations of descendants in villages of Punjab and other states.Hence if the British thought it worth memorialising no Indian demurred.That is,until now.

And if Indira Gandhi thought the most striking triumph of the Indian army in the battlefields of Bangladesh worthy of a distinct monument she had reason on her side.But this remoulding makes no sense except the most puerile ones.And replacing it with a statue of Netaji is just way outlandish,defeating sense and due sentiments of honour.

At the same time SabrangIndia reports Hindu mobs out in strength on streets are going on a rampage razing Muslim Mazars and Dargahs as signs of ‘Land Jihad’ bring to mind apprehensions of another motive,rather than insanity of power.

A new historical memory is being built out of thin air,underlining one nation,one creed and one leader,in the very image of Hitler’s Germany.This compàct nation will be solid,totally homogenous, without distraction and divested of diversity.The monotonal nation is more digestible and welcome to the mobs and is to be celebrated by wrecking of old icons.

They mean serious business:the creation of a new state,nothing less.Not ‘illiberal democracy’ or any fancy staff,bute fascism pure and simple.Prepare to meet the mobs in the battlefields,which no court can play referee to.

Hiren Gohain is a political commentator

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