Indians for Palestine Call For Immediate Ceasefire In Gaza

Indians For Palestine

NEW DELHI, FEBRUARY 23: Indians for Palestine, a group of concerned citizens, convened a public meeting on Friday, February 23 to understand the implications of the crucial ruling of the ‘The International Court and Justice for Gaza’ (ICJ), and extend solidarity and support to Palestine. It was a public meeting between representatives of political parties, the media, the legal fraternity, the international diplomatic community, activists, students, and the public. Among the speakers were lawyer Anand Grover, former ambassador K.P. Fabian, journalist Siddharth Varadarajan, and political leaders including Dipankar Bhattacharya, Asaduddin Owaisi, Amarjeet Kaur and Subhashini Ali. The overflowing meeting Hall showcased the strength of the solidarity of Indians with the people of Palestine, with the resounding slogans of “Ceasefire Now!”.

The session began with an introductory note by the moderators, Jean Drèze and Ayesha Kidwai. This was followed by a recording of Arwa Abu Hashhash, a Gazan citizen and representative of the Union of Palestinian Working Women’s Committee and the Palestinian People’s Party, who said language is incapable of describing the horror of the massacre that is taking place in the Gaza strip today. She emphasized that every single action of solidarity matters. Adnan Abu Al Haija, the Palestinian ambassador, highlighted how none of the resolutions passed by the United Nations have been implemented. He acknowledged the solidarity expressed by South Africa, Colombia, Chile, Bolivia, Brazil, Ireland, Belgium, and Spain.

It was noted that the daily death rate in Gaza is higher than any other major 21st-century conflict. The total deaths have has surpassed 29,000. This does not even include the irreversible long-term impacts of this massacre on the population of Gaza: deepening of poverty, severe crisis in water availability, the shutdown of healthcare systems, and chronic and intergenerational trauma.

Anand Grover stated that South Africa’s courage is missing from other countries, especially India. KP Fabian said that standing with Palestine means standing for justice, and pointed out how the international community was allowing the genocide to continue despite the extensive broadcasting of the horrors. Siddharth Varadarajan highlighted the complicity of the current Indian government with Israel’s ongoing genocide. He pointed out how Adani-Elbit Advanced Systems India Limited have sent 20 Hermes-900 drones to Israel in early February.

Salman Khurshid (INC) endorsed the stance of Indians for Palestine and called for an immediate ceasefire. Amarjeet Kaur (AITUC) stated that while the Modi government may be with Israel, the Indian people stand with Palestine as indicated by the dock workers who refused to load weaponized cargo being sent to Israel. Subhashini Ali (CPIM) said that this war is not of religion, but of imperialism and that a post-colonial country like India should stand with Palestine; the struggle for Palestine is a struggle for India’s democracy. Dipankar Bhattacharya (CPIML-Liberation) said that the Modi government is implementing the Israeli blueprint against farmers and dissenters. Representatives of all parties endorsed the call for an immediate ceasefire.

It was in this context that Indians for Palestine had convened the public meeting. They called upon the Indian government to publicly endorse the latest ruling of the ICJ and stand against the violation of the human rights of the Palestinians in Gaza.

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