Gaza The Day After Netanyahu 

Israel Protest

While tens of thousands of Israelis gather on the streets of Tel Aviv calling for early elections and Netanyahu to step down,what could this mean for the future direction of a new government ,for Palestinians still living under illegal occupation,for Israeli society and Palestinians living in historic Palestine suffering under apartheid discrimination.

First lets look at Netanyahu. A fanatical Zionist who claims he has devoted his whole political career in preventing a two state solution and by extension peace in the region.

A man who has presided over illegal settler enlargement in the occupied territories for over two decades. It now appears through terrorism and expansionism Israel controls 85% of historic Palestine ,having stolen previously in 1948 ,52% of the land before self declaring its Zionist state.

Gaza represents just 1% of historic Palestine yet the Israeli war  criminal cabinet is prepared to murder or expel 2.3 million people in order to annex it.

Netanyahu has prosecuted at least five wars on Gaza since 2006. He is not a pacifist rather he is a war monger filled with hatred and disdain for Palestinians , Arabs, Persians and even Christains in equal measure.

Neranyahu believes if he can deliver Gaza and the captives ,he will be a hero and be re elected by a fawning Israeli electorate in awe of his prowess as a leader.

If he succeeds and he rebrands that success as a victory for Israel he might just be in with a chance.

Although he has internal problems with in the government those with ministerial positions including the hardliners will be in no hurry to relinquish their positions of power,that after all that is how politics works.

If he fails and new elections are held,Netanyahu could be finished as Prime Minister but what might follow.

As the illegal zionist colonial settler project expands and the settler movement in the West Bank and East Jerusalem,Al Quds, is now in excess of nearly one million land thieves, their power is being refected not only on the ground but also through the ballot box

Ben Givr and others like him represent these hardlne fanatics and many of the racist fundamental religious zealots.Their presence in Israeli governmental structures can only expand.As Israeli society lurches further to the right, an already racist colonial aparthied state is verging on embracing fascism.Are we revisiting the politics of Germany and Italy in the 1930’s 

Living on a diet of ‘Kill em all” recently displayed at a protest in Israel, educating children to believe in Israeli supremism continuing to dehumanise their targets for aparthied ,the future for any long term peace never mind dignity and justice for Palestinians seems very bleak.

In conclusion, if Israeli politics is over run by the racists,the supremacists and the settler colonialists, then Eratz Israel becomes a real tangible threat to everyone.

Without America ,Israel would fold like a house of cards and be forced to the negotiating table by the Axis of Resistance.

Will America back Israel in not a regional war but in small contained local land grabs in Lebanon Syria Iraq Egypt or even Jordan 

Limited wars of incursion and annexation.

Netanyahu is percieved by many to be the Devil, he might yet turn out to be only his apprentice.

Sadly time will be the only witness, but it is the victors who rewrite the history.

Fra Hughes is a Belfast based Palestine solidarity activist

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