Gaza: Voices From Under The Rubble Beg For Burial

Gaza Hand Under the rubble

This is Israeli destruction. It is indeed graphic content people being killed and immersed in the rubble and debris of their homes. In this war, we’ve become used to seeing human limbs amidst the rubble, the odd arm, foot, face etc. We have become desensitized.

In one case however, the fingers of the hand in between the cracked stones and the edges of cement with a green supple is truly horrifying of what people are going through and experiencing in Gaza. They are being killed while holding the most precious things cherished by them.

Sadly, this could serve as a top image to be shown in the galleries, real content not those drawn by ordinary painters as pure art. This should be termed as “hateful art” or “destructive art” meted out by a godless Israeli war machine.

The people under the rubble might be over 10,000 or more. Nobody really knows. The latest number stands at 7000 but it has not be updated since November according to the New York Times. There has been no accurate figures because of the extent of daily bombing and destruction by Israeli warplanes and tanks from the air, sea and on-ground.

This is a war against unarmed civilians.

Gaza, all of its 364-kilometer has long become a landscape of debris with thousands of countless bodies. These are mainly women and children whose homes has been struck by Israeli one-ton bombs unashamedly supplied by the Americans through their aid program to Israel.

Of the Palestinian lucky few, they have been dug from under the rubble through ordinary hands and simple tools plowing through the debris. Here, there are no cranes, trucks or bulldozers to remove the rubble. There were international calls to bring in crews from Egypt and Jordan back in November but these fell on deaf ears.

But realistically even if heavy equipment were brought in to remove the mass rubble, it would be an near-impossible task. Where would such equipment move between the piles of debris along dug up roads and crater squares of fall down homes, buildings and apartments and would they be able to search for survivors?

Plus, and up until recently, the Israeli war machine have been involved in an around-the-clock bombing with the death toll going up.  

If you are bombed below ground in Gaza, the chances were, over the past six months, is that you are still there, dying in a slow painful procedure thanks to the Israelis who have said facetiously everyone in Gaza is a Hamas operative even babies, kids and toddlers.

Last January it was estimated there was 15 million tons of debris in Gaza. But the figure has been long revised by the World Bank. Today Gaza stands on 26 million tons of wreckage and debris.

The United Nations is appalled. “Tragically, an unknown number of people lie under the rubble said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres.  And we will not be able to find out the exact number of the people buried underground until there is a complete ceasefire which many take months and years. 

Dr Asmar is an Amman-based writer covering Middle East Affairs

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