Open Letter to the Attorney General for India. Stand up on Electoral Bond Scam. Ensure Impartial Enquiry

Electoral Bond

 Dear Venkataramani,

I would like to know what you think about the judgement regarding electoral bonds. The other day you were telling the Chief Justice of India that the late Nariman was happy with this judgement. What you did not state was your own opinion on the issue. Also, what was the advice you gave to the Government of India before the arguments started in the Supreme Court of India? Also, in the last two years or so what personal opinion have you had on the validity of electoral bonds? Now that the Supreme Court has given its judgment have you now changed your views? There are some important issues arising from this judgment.

Many corporate houses purchased these bonds to escape from the investigative agencies. You would know that many corporate houses were in loss-making business and still purchased these bonds. Some business houses were being investigated for corruption but when these units purchased the bonds the cases filed against them were apparently withdrawn. So, there is quid pro quo. The biggest beneficiary is the BJP which appointed you as the Attorney General for India. Are you comfortable in this situation?  Do you get any pangs of conscience? Have you thought of telling the Government that this could be the biggest scam in post-independent India? You would be aware that there is no immunity available to you were this government to fall in the 2024 General Elections? Have you thought of resigning before things get too hot?

Perhaps all along and even now you feel that electoral bonds are the correct way of financing elections. But still after the Supreme Court judgment these bonds are seen to be illegal. Tomorrow if there is an inquiry into this scam, you will be hard put to convince the inquiry officer about your stand. I again remind you that in Nazi Germany Hitler’s de-facto Attorney General faced Nuremberg Trials.

I write all this since I have worked with you in the slum movement about 40 years back. I do know that you are a man of honesty and integrity.

P.S Sahni

Member, PIL Watch Group


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