‘We Are in a State of Terror, Fear’ Displaced Gazan Says

“We have been waiting for six months but we have seen nothing, nothing. We are all dying, just constant funerals day after day”

Gaza Woman

After six full months of genocide the Israeli army has nowhere near achieved its objectives to eradicate Hamas and bring back the hostages. If anything, many of them are feared to be dead through the merciless of the Gaza Strip.

The only objective achieved by Israel is to have bombed the whole of the Gaza into a primal age, mass debris and destruction everywhere where thousands continue to lie dead under the wreckage. The Israeli war on Gaza is mass genocide and ethnic cleansing of ordinary Palestinian civilians that were trying to live ordinary lives.

Without a flinch the Israeli army has killed over 33,000 people, injured over 75,000 and destroyed over 366,000 housing units.


A displaced Palestinian woman recounts the horrors she has endured during the ongoing Israeli attacks in Gaza, urging an end to the Israeli genocide as reported by Al Quds Press.

“We are in a state of terror and fear,” she says in a videoclip.

“We can’t bear this anymore, I swear to God, we can’t bear it anymore. For the sake of God, find a solution and put an end to this situation, just for the sake of our children,” she echoes to anyone who cares to listen.

“We keep hearing about the fact there is going to be a truce and a ceasefire, but we keep waiting helplessly from Monday till Thursday, Monday till Thursday, but we haven’t seen anything till now,” the displaced lady adds. She is among the 1.9 million Palestinians out of a Gazan population of 2.3 million, who were forced to leave their homes.

“We have been waiting for six months but we have seen nothing, nothing. We are all dying, just constant funerals day after day,” adding this what has become of us.

“My daughter’s hair falls off every day out of fear. What has she done to deserve this?”

“They [Israeli army] told us to go to the Gaza Valley for our safety, so we came here for safety, but we don’t see any safety here, there is no security. Where is the safety they keep telling us about, there is no safety here. Its God we should trust in, His is the best purveyor,” she hammers in determination.

“Where is America, where are the countries, where are they! We don’t see anyone standing with us at all. No one is with us, but we have all God. He is the best provider,” she narrates.

“They are just bringing us two planes dropping aid on top of our heads. But we don’t want this at all, we don’t. What we want is a ceasefire. This is what we want.”

Dr Asmar is an Amman-based writer covering Middle East Affairs

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