I Do Not Wish To Say RIP #GauriLankesh

May your soul haunt us all
Shake us up deep within
Making many, many more speak out
Resist and fight their poison

How many can they kill?

And even if they do,
Even if the body becomes lifeless,
Can they ever crush our spirit
Or kill our ideas and dreams.

Let’s go beyond just
Anguished posts
Outraged tweets
Helpless venting
Or resigned silences
Far beyond token protests
Or candlelight vigils

Let’s not have yet another apathetic or cathartic pause
After yet again quoting Niemoller’s “first they came for…”

Can we not tell them instead –
We are coming for you
Not just you personally
But what you stand & wish for
That we will fight you and your ideas
On the streets and
In our public spaces
Our offices and schools
Our colleges and universities
Our buildingsand housing societies
Our local neighbourhoods…

Is it not time to say
Enough is enough
We will not allow you anymore
To spread your venom
Or poison more minds
Nor let you intimidate us into silence
Or feel the fear you want us to feel
That till we drive you to the ground
We will not rest in peace
Nor will Gauri
Or anyone else you kill.
Rakesh Sharma is a well known documentary film maker in India..


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