Justice ….. Far, far away

Tabrez Ansari

It seems that judicial system is moving far away from major section of society, specially dalits, marginalised sections, muslims and women. Many recent instances are ample proof of this.

Some instances

While the brutal killing of Tabrez Ansari has made little progress, his widowed wife is still clinging on hope. Shaista Parveen has been a widow for three months, a month longer than her two-month marriage with Tabrez Ansari. (‘Insaaf’ the only thing Tabrez’s 19 yr old widow now lives for, by Nandita Sengupta and Jaideep Deogharia/ TNN , kracktivist.org).

Similarly, a law student from Uttar Pradesh who accused Chinmayanand of rape has been jailed in extortion case. (UP law student who accused Chinmayanand of rape, placed under arrest in extortion case, by ANANYA BHARADWAJ, updated 25 September 2019, theprint.in). Her lawyer says she was ‘dragged out of her house. She wasn’t even allowed to use the washroom according to her lawyer.

In a shocking incident of killing,two dalit families, one Gupta and another Pal, have reignited the debate over honor killing. (UP Honour killing: Dalit youth burnt alive, accused cries caste dignity,by News X bureau, updated 18 September 2019, newsx.com). 23 year old Abhishank Pal was burnt alive by Radhey Gupta for having an affair with his adopted daughter. It is doubtful if the victim ever gets justice and accused punished for the heinous offence.

Unresponsive system

These are but few examples to indicate the laxity of judicial and administrative system in the country. While the accused, mostly upper caste influential persons, are left scot-free, the victims, mostly weaker sections, muslims women and dalits are left groping for justice for years. Justice is not only being delayed and denied but also becoming more and more biased towards those persons having control over political and economic system and who can reach top leaders for help. It is very sad that even judiciary is alienating the common public to a large extent. While the cases of murders of activists like Gouri Lankesh, Dhabholkar, Pansare, etc drags on and on, so too the cases of less privileged people.

At present, a fair, fast and forthright justice system seems to be a mirage. More and more people are beginning to feel that they cannot get justice unless they struggle for long and tread a weary path. Even then, the scepticism of fair verdict remains strong and belief is on the vane.

Sheshu Babu is a political commentator




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