Educate the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs!

educate the home ministry

National Campaign to Educate the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs! Post them the Preamble to the Indian Constitution!

Campaign Starts on 15th August 2020!

For the last two months the national capital New Delhi has witnessed a very curious phenomenon. Of a steady stream of professors, students, filmmakers, feminists, Gandhians and human rights activists called by the Delhi Police’s Special Branch for interrogation.

The police claims all of them allegedly had a role in ‘provoking’ or even ‘masterminding’ the communal violence that shook parts of the city in late February this year. A few students have already been charged under draconian anti-terrorism laws and put in prison. A campaign of vilification is currently underway, in the government’s pet media outlets, against some of the  professors and their arrest also may be imminent.

Though investigation into the communal violence is the excuse, the targeting of learned academics and scholars – while completely ignoring the role of ruling party politicians, RSS and VHP members and associated goons – points to something else altogether.

Is it possible that, by questioning so many highly qualified people, the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), headed by Shri Amit Shah,  is finally trying to get educated?  Does it want learn something from them and make up for its own ignorance of law, rights enshrined in  the Indian Constitution, the long history of peaceful protest and dissent in India and the dire consequences of crushing democracy in any society?

Being eternal optimists, it is our responsibility to help the Ministry of Home Affairs in its belated but very welcome pursuit of knowledge. Therefore on behalf of Indian Democracy Matters we appeal to all people of patriotism, goodwill and concern for the betterment of the Ministry to post them copies of the Preamble to the Indian Constitution, books by Mahatma Gandhi, Dr B.R.Ambedkar and Rabindranath Tagore, good essays,  poetry, songs, letters, posters – whatever you sincerely think can advance the cause of helping Shri Amit Shah and his police force get educated.

The campaign will start on 15th August, the 73rd anniversary of India’s Independence. Kindly participate in large numbers by sending appropriate educational material, physically or by email, to the following address:

Shri Amit Shah, Minster of Home Affairs, North Block,

Central Secretariat, New Delhi, Delhi 110001

[email protected]



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