Cutting Back

electric car

I am adamant about this topic. I know that the only way forward is to limit ourselves in resource and energy use.

In that vein, I wrote to the USA Sierra group that was touting electric cars:

“I respectfully disagree with you. From where does the majority of our electricity derive? The answer is fossil fuels. That is obvious. So the onus is to have the energy plants in poor communities near these power plants to accept the resulting pollution in their neighborhoods.

“We need no bandage in a place that needs radical surgery. I sold my Toyota Prius that got up to 78 mpg. I do other moves to cut my carbon and ecological footprints. The only way forward Is to cut back, not electric cars in my opinion.”

We need new visions and versions of the economy that is raping the world for economic gain. In fact, I get great emails from Amnesty International in Peru and figure out the meanings using English and French in combination, and I just now received an email from this fabulous group about the need to protect their main rainforest from economic assault by people. Their writings are in Spanish.

This group not located near me is trying to educate people, protect the natural world, help the lgbqt community and so much more in their efforts. So I highly respect the bunch. They are the same as me and work hard to improve the world.

I can’t translate their Spanish into English using my defective iPad. Yet I always get the gist as they do by my writings back to them in English.

In addition, we all now need to cut back on resource use except the poorest of the poor as our not doing so forces future generations to face unbelievable perils. The time is now and not when change is thrust upon humanity. We need to change our ways now rather than shop until we drop or travel for pleasure. Those sorts of behaviors hurt future generations without any doubt, especially with climate change looming upon us.

Sally Dugman writes from MA, USA.



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