Who Is President Trump?

Emperor Trump

Someone who much likes Trump and who plans again to vote for him asked me to provide proof that he is corrupt in presidential dealings. So here is my reply:

“The Supreme Court and lower courts ruled against his actions a number of times. The House ruled against him plenty of times and including in impeachment hearings.

“He lets others take the hit for him in criminal activities. So they go to prison and not he, himself. Besides, there is no dividing line between corruption in business dealings, eg. his vitamin company, hIs university, etc., and his presidential dealings. They all together show that he is a corrupt, law breaking man.

“There are plans to prosecute him by Various courts once he is out of office. No wonder that he contemplates staying there indefinitely, so he says.

“Look, you can look up online by putting in your search bar “crimes committed by Trump” and “Trump is corrupt”. You don’t really need details from me. I don’t have time to reiterate the FACTS to you.

“I have close to a perfect eidetic memory due to genetic material that I received from my father, but you don’t need me to tell you about Trump. You can research for yourself as it is too time consuming for me to deliver all of the details to you. Yet, I’m no liar when I allege that he breaks laws and is corrupt. I see it and not as an opinion on my part. Fiction and opinions have their places, but not mixed with facts and reality.

“From a west coast website:

“Alexander Hamilton called the judiciary the least dangerous branch of government. But since its establishment in 1789, the Supreme Court has steadily grown in influence and impact. So far this year the Court has issued rulings on presidential power, Congressional oversight, subpoenas to the president, church and state, LGBTQ rights, Dreamers, abortion, contraception, and the electoral college. The fall term of the Supreme Court begins on October 5, and already the justices are considering the new cases to be heard. And emergencies can always lead to new legal issues to be rapidly heard and decided.”

Aside from all of the above, he is mean, spiteful and immoral. He has made fun of a handicapped reporter by imitating him, called our excellent Boston mayor a clown, poured wine down the back of an expensive dress of an Atlantic reported be cause he didn’t like her article about him and so much more not befitting of a president. He also repeatedly lies and imagines about that which is truthful.

I am not enamored of Joe Biden, but my advise is do not vote for Donald Trump if you vote in the USA and its territories. Otherwise and outside of the US, just see about what we have in my country with Trump in the White House and please sympathize.

Sally Dugman writes from MA, USA.



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