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There has been a nationwide outpouring of condemnation, following the announcement yesterday by Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, Minister of Minority Affairs, declaring Aug 1 as ‘Muslim Women’s Rights Day’ to mark the anniversary of the Triple Talaq law.

Over 650 citizens – Muslim and non-Muslim women, men and trans persons, women rights activists, human rights activists, academics, students and hundreds of citizens across from across India have issued a strong statement today.

The statement condemns and rejects this cynical optics of using Muslim women’s rights, in the face of an unprecedented onslaught against the rights of the Muslims in recent years under the present government. It voices strong opposition to declaring 1 August as Muslim Women’s Rights Day, calling it the celebration of a law that is fundamentally anti-minority, anti-women, anti-constitutional, and seeks only to disparage the Muslim community.

The text of the full statement and signatories is given below.

Citizens’ Statement: August 1, 2021





And we say, respectfully, “How dare you!”


This government that has worked to ceaselessly one by one, decimate the constitutional rights of Muslims in India, now has the temerity to declare Muslim Women’s Rights Day on August 1. This, to celebrate its passage of its purportedly Anti-Triple Talaq law (Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Act, 2019), that claimed to protect Muslim women’s rights, but in reality, had a more sinister purpose – to show Muslim men their place in a new India. To tell them that they can be criminalized even in civil matters. The Triple Talaq law was an abomination. It was then, and still is, nothing but a charade. Because no such law was needed to “protect Muslim women, or secure their rights” since the Supreme Court had already struck the Triple Talaq down. So, we voiced our opposition when the law was passed in Parliament in 2019, stating that – “You cannot pretend to save Muslim women while seeking to bring the Muslim community to its knees.” The sentiment is as true today as it was then.

This government has diluted Muslims’ rights to citizenship by enacting the discriminatory Citizenship Amendment Act, 2019 (CAA). The very Muslim women, in whose name you have declared August 1 as a day of “their rights” invited their government, even begged their government, to talk to them when they were out on the streets, protesting the CAA-NPR-NRC, in a desperate bid to save their future, their children’s future, their family’s future, in their own country. You responded to those Muslim women with the utter contempt of silence. Without even the pretence of democratic dialogue.

This government instead mercilessly arrested those who protested the CAA-NRC-NPR under anti-terror laws like UAPA. It jailed Muslim women who dared to take to their streets to protect their rights to citizenship. It has deprived Muslim women of their youthful children, who languish today in jails. It has deprived Muslim women of husbands, who are incarcerated. It has placed in detention centres Muslim women, men, children and transpersons who could not produce “citizenship papers” in Assam.

This government has remained silent as Muslims have been lynched, and its leaders have garlanded the lynchers. The BJP both at the centre and through its state governments, has determinedly “gone after” Muslims under myriad laws, both old, new and proposed – beef bans, anti-conversion, including the recent Uttar Pradesh Prohibition of Unlawful Religious Conversion Ordinance, 2020, and its proposed U.P. Population Control Bill. It has systematically tried to rob Muslims of their right to livelihood, and Muslim women of their agency.

This government has remained silent as men exhorted mobs to rape Muslim women (most recently in Pataudi). It has remained silent, without a single comment, tweet or tear, as Muslim women’s bodies have become the object of “Sulli Deals” by right wing online mobs.

Such a government has no moral right to declare any national day in the name of Muslim women.

We collectively, as citizens of India – Muslim and non-Muslim women, men and trans persons across castes and regions – reject the cynical optics of a “Muslim Women’s Rights Day” by a government intent on reducing all Muslims to second-class citizens.

What we demand is the release of Gulfisha Fatima and Ishrat Jahan, both Muslim women, from unjust incarceration. On behalf of Sabiha Ilyas, a Muslim woman, we demand the release of her son, Umar Khalid from unjust incarceration. On behalf of Nargis Saifi, a Muslim woman, we demand the release of her husband Khalid Saifi from unjust incarceration. On behalf of Afshan Rahim, a Muslim woman, we demand the release of her son, Sharjeel Imam from unjust incarceration. On behalf of Fatima Nafees, a Muslim woman, we ask you to find her son, Najeeb. On behalf of Raihanath Kappan, a Muslim woman, we ask you to release her husband, Siddique Kappan from incarceration. On behalf of Ayesha Sultana, a Muslim woman, charged with sedition for stating that officials must follow Covid protocols in Lakshadweep, we ask you to unconditionally drop all charges. On behalf of Safoora Zargar, a Muslim woman, we ask that she, like all other Muslim activists, lawyers, journalists, students, be freed of the false and malicious cases filed against them by this government. There is a long such list, Mr. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi.

After you have done that, please then sit with us. With all of us, Muslim and Non-Muslim women, men and transpersons, who believe in our democracy and its promise of equality. And then we can discuss that appropriate day of ‘declaration’ in the future, when Muslim women feel their rights are secure, and they want the whole nation to celebrate their rightful and visible place in this democracy.

We are,


Farah NaqviDelhiWriter & Activist 
Syeda HameedDelhiMuslim Women’s Forum 
Aruna RoyDevdoongri, RajasthanMKSS 
Ayesha KidwaiDelhiProfessor, JNU 
Mohini GiriNew DelhiGuild of service 
Poonam KaushikDelhiGeneral Secretary Pragatisheel Mahila Sangathan Delhi 
Hasina KhanMumbaiBebaak Collective 
Teesta SetalvadMumbaiIndependent 
Kavita KrishnanDelhiAIPWA 
Annie RajaKeralaNational Federation of Indian Women 
Kavita SrivastvaJaipurPUCL 
Rushda SiddiquiNew DelhiNFIW 
Smita GuptaNew DelhiEconomist and Activist 
Chayanika ShahMumbaiForum Against Oppression of Women 
Meera SanghamitraHyderabadNational Alliance of People’s Movements (NAPM) 
Jayati GhoshNorthamptonUniversity of Massachusetts at Amherst USA 
A.SuneethaHyderabadWomen and Transgender Joint Action 
Shabnam HashmiDelhiANHAD 
Abha BhaiyyaHimachalJagori Grameen 
Meena Saraswathi SeshuSangliVidhrohi Mahila Manch 
Sehba FarooquiDelhiAIDWA Delhi 
SAHELI Women’s Resource CentreNew Delhi NCRFeminist activists 
Sharifa SiddiquiSecunderabadHyderabad Muslim Women’s Forum 
Lara JesaniMumbaiPeople’s Union for Civil Liberties 
Arundhati DhuruLucknowNAPM 
AparnaDelhiPresident, National Committee, IFTU 
Apeksha PriyadarshiniNEW DELHIBhagat Singh Ambedkar Students Organization, JNU 
Nivedita MenonDelhiJNU 
Zoya HasanDelhiProfessor Emerita, Jawaharlal Nehru University 
Khalida ParveenHyderabadAmoomat Society 
Tara RaiMumbaiThe Feminist Collective 
Admiral L RamdasAlibagFormer Chief of Naval Staff 
Nikhat FatimaHyderabadJournalist, civil rights activist 
Navsharan SinghNoidaWriter and activist 
Nisha BiswasKolkataFeminists in Resistance 
Prof. Mohan RaoBangaloreJan Swasthya Abhiyan 
Anjali BhardwajDelhiSNS 
Amrita JohriNew DelhiSNS 
Mariam DhawaleNew DelhiAll India Democratic Women’s Association 
M. Maqbool AhmedHyderabadUnited Citizens’ Forum 
Nandini SundarDelhiSociologist 
Bhasha SinghDelhiJournalist 
Afreen FatimaDelhiFraternity Movement 
Samina BanuBangaloreFORWARD TRUST 
Armaity IraniMumbaiCITU 
Fahad AhmadBareillyTISS, Munbai 
Tariq HasibHaryanaIndependent 
NASIM NaikNavi mumbaiBebaak Collective 
Tashi ChoedupHyderabadNone 
Nasreen SyedBangaloreIndependent 
MridulMumbaiTechnology Professional 
Rafiul RahmanDelhiActivist 
Meena GopalMumbaiForum Against Oppression of Women 
Apeksha VoraMumbaiIndependent 
Azra KidwaiDelhiMuslim Women’s Forum 
Pushpa AchantaBangaloreWomen Against Sexual Violence & State Suppression 
Syeda Lameeya ParweenDelhiIndependent 
Priyadarshini ChitrangadaKolkataIndependent Gender rights activist 
Tasneem FarzanaBangaloreIndependent 
Jameela BegumMumbaiIndependent 
Smriti NevatiaBombayFreelance writer/editor 
Sahba SyedLucknowIndependent 
Akash BhattacharyaBangaloreAzim Premji University 
Hamza ShaikhMumbaiStudent 
Rumi HarishBangaloreResearch consultant 
Pawan DhallKolkataIndependent 
Nazneen Shaikhfrom DhuleSingal 
Sujata GothoskarMumbaiForum Against Oppression of Women 
Yakub MohammedUdaipurSahayogi NGO 
Shabana DilerPuneIndependent 
Kamaxi BhateMumbaiIndependent 
Shuddhabrata SenguptaDelhiIndependent 
Ranjana KanhereShahadaIndependent 
Rakhi SehgalNew DelhiIndependent 
Dr ShahinaJaipurIndependent 
Ghazala JamilNew DelhiJawaharlal Nehru University 
Sandhya GokhaleMumbaiForum Against Oppression of Women 
D G MahajanMumbaiIndependent 
अविनाश कदमठाणेविद्रोही सांस्कृतिक चळवळ 
Syed majid hashmiHyderabadIndependent 
Meena GodadMumbaiIndependent 
Khatija KhanHyderabadHMWF 
Sheikh Khurshid AlamKolkataKnowledge Ocean Foundation 
Sadiya Riyaz ShaikhMumbaiSocio-poltical Activist 
Ammu AbrahamMumbaiForum against oppression of women 
Maya Krishna RaoNew DelhiTheatre Artist 
Shibili SuhanahKasaragodIndependent 
Meenal GuptaGorakhpurIndependent 
Feroz KhanMUMBAIIndependent 
Abdulhafiz LakhaniAhmedabadEditor siyasat dot net Journalist 
Shikhar PrakashAllahabadIndependent 
Meghna ChakravortyKolkataStudent 
Chirashree Das GuptaNew DelhiJawaharlal Nehru University 
Larissa PitterMumbaiIndependent 
Sucharita SenNew DelhiJNU 
Susan AbrahamMumbaiLawyer 
Rema KandaramathOttapalam, PalakkadIndependent 
Peehu PardeshiMumbaiJSA Mumbai 
Pratiksha BaxiDelhiAcademic 
Antara Dev SenDelhiJournalist 
Dr Mohd Imran PatelMumbaiIndependent 
DamniNew DelhiIndependent 
Deepapriya VishwanathanMumbaiIndependent 
Gayatri SinghMumbaiWPC, PUCL 
Saba khanBhopalIndependent 
Sahba HusainNew DelhiIndependent 
MoinaBangaloreFORWARD trust 
Muhammad ShamsuddinKurnoolIndependent 
Shaista KhanamRiyadhAffiliate 
Freeda NicholasMumbaiIndependent 
Lubna ParveenMumbaiBebaak Collective 
Dr Sabiha khanIndoreIndependent 
Avinash KumarDelhiAsst. Professor, JNU 
Shals MahajanMumbaiWriter 
Musarat ShaikhMumbaiIndependent 
Tinku KhannaKolkataSocial Worker 
Amir KhanDelhiIndependent 
Nandini RaoNew DelhiWSS 
Afreen KhanMumbaiIndependent 
Anandi PandeyLucknowIndependent 
UmaraNew DelhiIndependent 
Vikas RawalNew DelhiJNU 
FarzanaBangaloreForward trust 
Angeli SurendranPuneIndependent 
Rubina MazharHyderabadIndependent 
Uzma AzharDelhiIndependent 
Asrarul H JeelaniNew DelhiIndependent 
Simeen AnjumNew DelhiIndependent 
Siddharth JhaDehradunJNU student 
Shaik JaveedHyderabadIndependent 
M A AhmedHyderabadIndependent 
Sameera KhanMumbaiIndependent Journalist and Writer 
Khairun nishaAhmedabadIndependent 
Aamir EdresyMumbaiPresident, Association of Muslim Professionals 
Sifwa MakNew DelhiJawaharlal Nehru University 
Mohammad Aslam GhaziMumbaiPresident APCR Maharashtra 
Avinash KumarNew DelhiIndependent 
Ankita KohirkarMumbaiIndependent 
Salim Hamza SaboowallaMumbaiSocial Activist. 
Fathima Jaseena MKozhikodeFarook Training college 
Anuradha BagadtheyKolkataIndependent 
Rajshree ChandraDelhi NCRDelhi University 
Surbhi VatsaNew DelhiIndependent 
Dr. Qaiser ShamimDelhiIndependent 
Ambreen KhanMumbaiIndependent 
ShubhamMumbaiTISS, Mumbai 
Nandini ManjrekarMumbaiIndependent 
Koninika RayNew DelhiNational Federation of Indian Women 
Deepali S GhelaniVADODARAIndependent 
Mohd ShafiqueMumbaiIndependent 
Aman BardeMumbaiIndependent 
Ankita DharNew DelhiPinjratod 
Aman BardeMumbaiIndependent 
Nisha AgrawalNew DelhiIndependent 
Amir RizviMumbaiIndependent 
Shalini DhawanMumbaiIndependent 
Aruna BurtePuneIndependent 
Farhan KhanGhazipurIndependent 
Hadi ZamindarThaneIndependent 
Rizwan AhmadMuzaffarpurIndependent 
Syed Akhtar HusainNew DelhiIndependent 
Hiba ShadKannur, keralaIndependent 
Nilofer shaikhMumbaiIndependent 
Dr. Maskoor Ahmad UsmaniNew DelhiFormer President AMU Students Union, Congress Leader 
Amita SinghBhopalNational Hospital 
Rida TharanaBangaloreIndependent 
Jashodhara DasguptaNew DelhiIndependent 
Shahla Abdul JabbarPALAKKADIndependent 
Megha SBombayIndependent 
SM SulemanAurangabadIndependent 
Ammu JosephBangaloreIndependent writer 
Mirza ZafarJalgaonIndependent 
Indu ChandrasekharDelhiIndependent 
RheaDelhiAshoka University 
Deepti BhartiGhaziabadNFIW 
Khan NazimaMumbaiIndependent 
Shahrukh AlamDelhiLawyer 
Vasimullah FarooquiMumbaiIndependent 
Khalid JameelAMRAVATIIndependent 
अजित पाटीलMumbaiभाकपा (माले) लिबरेशन 
Jayapriya VasudevanBangaloreIndependent 
Mohd Khalid BhatiMumbaiIndependent 
Saratchand CDelhiUniversity of Delhi 
Shalini GeraBilaspurLawyer 
Vidya DinkerMangaloreINSAF 
Waheeda Bi KhanKarwarKarnatak University P.G.Centre 
Hoosen KarimEssenwood, FurbanIndependent 
Lalita RamdasAlibagIndependent 
Dr. K M Srinivasa GowdaBangaloreIndependent 
Aleema K EKOZHIKODEIndependent 
Sayoni BasuGurgaonIndependent 
Mannika ChopraNew DelhiIndependent 
Abdul RazakMumbaiIndependent 
Muhammad Tariq MirzaSuratIndependent 
Eisha HussainDelhiIndependent 
Ashish PaliwalDelhiIndependent 
Huma ahmedDelhiIndependent 
Mallika GhoshGurgaonIndependent 
SaminaNew DelhiIndependent 
Sajida MominMangalore, KarnatakaForward Trust 
Dr. ZARINAKozhikodeIndependent 
Frazer MascarenhasMumbaiIndependent 
Arpita DasNew DelhiYoda Press 
Shafi GehlotMumbaiIndependent 
Abida FarooquiMalappuramIndependent 
Priya DharshiniDelhiIndependent 
Kaneez FathimaHyderabadActivist 
Zeenat Shaukat AliMumbaiWisdom Foundation 
Mohammad NazeerNagpurIndependent 
Anna PhiliposeBangaloreHome Maker 
H. C. KalitaDibrugarhService 
Ajitha G SBangaloreEditor, Books 
Ritambhara ShastriDelhiJournalist 
HibaThrissur, KeralaIndependent 
Tahseen AlamDelhiIndependent 
Asra FatimaDelhiIndependent 
Amitabha RayDelhiIndependent 
Anil BishtNainitalIndependent 
Prabha PandeyMumbaiIndependent 
Saleem Bakas KhanMumbaiIndependent 
Shewli KumarMumbaiIndependent 
Gulfisha Tanzil Abdul FarooqueAmravatiIndependent 
Vineeta BalPuneAcademic 
Manjula PradeepAhmedabadNCWL 
KJ SinghMumbaiIndependent 
Nupur BasuBangaloreJournalist 
Parvati SharmaDelhiIndependent 
Faiza RehmanMeerutIndependent 
Debarati ChoudhuryHyderabadStudent/ researcher 
Lydith pintoMangaloreIndependent 
Dipta BhogNew DelhiIndependent Researcher 
Muhsina M.MalappuramIndependent 
Amberin memonMumbaiIndependent 
Vasantha KumariDelhiWSS 
Dr Mohammad Athar KhanAllahabadIndependent 
Asma MenonChennaiIndependent 
Atiya ZaidiDelhiIndependent 
Johanna LokhandePuneIndependent 
Titas GhoshDelhiIndependent 
Uma Chakravartidelhiretired teacher 
Shamleena MustafaKozhikodeIndependent 
Himayat ali khanHyderabadIndependent 
Madhusree DuttaMumbaiFilmmaker 
Shamleena MustafaKozhikodeAffiliation 
Mandira SenKolkatsDirector, Stree Samya 
Bushra Jahan BegumHyderabadIndependent 
Suneeta DNew DelhiActivist 
Prof.Dr.S.M.HaneefMumbaiJogeshwari Education Movement 
Ritu MenonNew DelhiWriter / Pblisher 
Zoeb BootwalaMumbaiIndependent 
Ananya IyerNoidaIndependent 
Mohammad NadeemBangaloreIndependent 
Mohammed Ismail HulmaniMumbaiIndependent 
Musab Mohammad Aslam GhaziMumbaiIndependent 
Asad SiddiquiHyderabadIndependent 
Mondira JaisimhaHyderabadIndependent 
Farida AbdullaDelhiIndependent researcher 
Aditi ChowdhuryKolkataCitizen Activist 
Zulfikar ChandiwalaMumbaiIndependent 
Sumit ChowdhuryKolkataDocumentary Filmmaker 
Sagari R RamdasHyderabadFood Sovereignty Alliance , India 
Seema BaquerDelhiIndependent Consultant 
Sidra AliKolkataIndependent 
Fathima N VAreekodeIndependent 
Kausar sultanaAurangabadIndependent 
Akhileshwari RamagoudSecunderabadIndependent Journalist and Academic 
Saddaque HasanKolkataIndependent 
Khushboo KhanDelhiIndependent 
Punam SawhneyMumbaiIndependent 
Qudasiya K SayedThane, MumbaiAssistant Professor in History 
Rohini MuthuswamiNew DelhiIndependent 
Shamima perveenPatnaIndia 
Khan ShamimMumbaiBebaak collective 
Niloufer BhagwatMumbaiIndependent 
Shamima PerveenBiharIndependent 
Yusuf Alam Yunus Alam SiddiquiSolapurIndependent 
Sayeed AnjumNew DelhiIndependent 
Javed AnisBhopalIndependent 
Yousuf ZaheerNew DelhiIndependent 
Bhanu PratapPuneManuski 
Eisha ChoudharyNew DelhiIndependent 
Asma HazirMumbaiIndependent 
Anusheh HussainDelhiIndependent 
KHALID ANJUMDelhiIndependent 
Suman ParmarDelhiIndependent 
Q Annie HasanHyderabadHospital 
Asif BakshiKashmirIndependent 
Ahsanulhaq ChistyThaneIndependent 
Mathew S ThomasErnakulamIndependent 
Sankaranarayanan. KGurgaonIndependent 
Shamima perveenPatnaIzad, Patna 
Ammara QaisarDelhiIndependent 
Usman GaniMumbaiIndependent 
Madhu BhushanBangaloreWomen’s Rights Activist 
Asad AshrafDelhiJournalist 
Ms. HusainTelenganaIndependent 
Pamela PhiliposeDelhiIndependent 
Dr.NUZHAT FATIMAPRAYAGRAJHamidia Girls’ Degree College (University of Allahabad) 
Shahnawaz HussainMumbaiIndependent 
KhaliquzzamanNagpurJamate Islami 
Mohammed MoinuddinHyderabadJ.I.H 
Shakeel ur RahmanPatnaDoctor 
Shahina ShaikhKARWAR, KarnatakaIndependent 
Sheeba Aslam FehmiNew DelhiIndependent 
Veena ShatrugnaBengaluruIndependent Medical researcher 
Ansari SaimaMumbaiIndependent 
Subash MastersNew DelhiIndependent 
RidhimaNew DelhiIndependent 
Masarrath FatimaHyderabadIndependent 
Mumtaz ShaikhMumbaiMahila Mandal federation 
Maha PrasadAllahabadAdvocate, High Court 
Musharraf TajDelhiIndependent 
KherunnisaNimbaheraHouse wife 
Malek HashimAnandIndependent 
Shweta TambeMumbaiPlatform for Social Justice 
Geeta SeshuMumbaiJournalist 
Syed SaifuddinHyderabadIndependent 
Susie TharuHyderabadIndependent 
Zafar AhmadNagpurIndependent 
Deepak KumarNew DelhiCSLG, JNU 
Khurshid AlamMumbaiIndependent 
Madhavi BajekalBangaloreNone 
SABIR AMEERPrayagrajAffiliation 
Faraz AhmadGorakhpurIndependent 
Dr. Gulrukh KhanNoidaIndependent 
Javed KhanMumbaiIndependent 
Farah BatoolDelhiIndependent 
Keya DasguptaKolkataIndependent 
Jeroo MullaMumbaiIndependent 
Sachin ShrivastavaBhopalSamvidhan live 
Neha TrivediMUMBAIIndependent 
Teena GillDelhiIndependent filmmaker 
Arshi MehboobNoidaIndependent 
Farrukh S WarisMumbaiIndependent 
Subhendu DasguptaKolkataIndependent 
Shaikh MassaratSolapurIndependent 
Suparna SharmaGurgaonJournalist 
Khatija FatimaHyderabadIndependent 
Lakshmi KrishnamurtyBangaloreAlarippu – retired 
Adv. A. R. (Saleem) Yusuf ShaikhBhiwandiIndependent 
Koel ChatterjiKolkataFeminists in Resistance 
Adv Payal GaikwadNagpurAdvocate 
Gitanjali JoshuaHyderabadResearcher 
Sandhya SrinivasanMumbaiIndependent 
Richa JhaNoidaIndependent 
Hena AhmadNoidaIndependent 
Rehmat MerchantBangaloreIndependent 
Mohammed ShaikhMumbaiIndependent 
D PNew DelhiIndependent 
Aasha RameshBengaluruIndependent Women’s Rights Activist/Researcher 
Putul SatheThane WestIndependent 
Deshdeep DhankharDelhiUniversity of Hyderabad 
Lambert SolomonCurtorimIndependent 
RAJEEV KHANNASolanIndependent 
Advocate Dr Shalu NigamNEW DELHIIndependent 
SarojiniDelhiIndependent, Public Health Practitioner 
Ramesh DixitLucknow.Samvidhan Bachao Desh Bachao Abhiyan, Uttar Pradesh. 
Sukla SenMumbaiPeace Activist 
Ahtesham ul HaqueNew DelhiIndependent 
Shweta R RashmiNew DelhiTakshak Post 
Raisa KhatoonLucknowIndependent 
Goldy M GeorgeRaipurDalit Mukti Morcha, Chhattisgarh 
Chun kapurCoonoorNil 
Rita ManchandaNew DelhiHuman Rights & Peace Scholar Activist 
Ahmed Abdul GaffarHyderabadIndependent 
Satish MisraNoidaIndependent 
Vandana kulkarniPuneIndependent 
Noorin KhanNew DelhiIndependent 
Shilpaa AnandHyderabadBITS-Pilani Hyderabad Campus 
ImaadNew DelhiIndependent 
K.ManjariHyderabadNational Alliance of Journalists 
Devika singhDelhiIndependent 
Arpita JayaDelhiResearcher 
Vimala KSBengaluruSamudaya 
Syed Mohd Jamal MahmoodAligarhIndependent 
AtikaNew DelhiIndependent 
Abhay KardeguddiPuneIndependent 
Kalyani Menon SenGurgaonIndependent 
Nihal KumarNew DelhiIndependent 
Amiti SenDelhiIndependent 
Rashmi DeviKanpurNCWL 
Sadhika TiwariNew DelhiIndiaSpend 
Dr. Lamaan SamiAligarhAligarh Muslim University 
Wandana SonalkarNavi MumbaiIndependent 
Meera DewanNew DelhiIndependent 
Tanvi JadwaniDELHIChildren’s Art Association/ not-for-profit 
Vandana MisraLucknowPUCL 
Amitabha BhattacharyaDelhiIndependent 
Vijay SoodBangaloreIndependent 
Anees Ahmad Abdul Aziz ShaikhKalyanIndependent 
Vani SubramanianDelhiIndependent Film maker 
Gulzar Karishma MalikHyderabadIndependent 
Khadijah FaruquuNew DelhiIndipendent 
Ashish VarmaNoidaIndependent 
Sharada GopalDharwadIndependent 
Adwait PednekarMumbaiMarxist and Science Movement 
Dr Nasser YusufKOZHIKODEIndependent 
Pakiza SamadDelhiIndependent 
Umar KhanJamshedpurIndependent 
Nargis Kausar Ab. RashidNagpurIndependent 
T K RAJALAKSHMIGhaziabadJournalist 
Rashida Bano Ab. RashidYavatmalIndependent 
Manoranjan MohantyDelhiRetd Prof DU 
Nazneen Kausar Ab BariAmravatiIndependent 
Maitrayee ChaudhuriNew DelhiTeacher 
Anisha AhujaMumbaiIndependent 
Preeti MehraDelhiIndependent 
N S YamunaBengaluruIndependent 
Anuradha BanerjiNew DelhiSaheli/Researcher 
Zeeshan KhanMumbaIndependent 
Ravinder GoelDelhiIndependent 
Lubna KhanMumbaiIndependent 
SN HasanHyderabadIndependent 
Maqbool SaleemAurangabadIndependent 
Najma RehmaniDelhiDelhi University 
A. N. SrinathHyderabadIndependent 
Anil KumarNew DelhiUniversity of Delhi 
Ali AsgarKalamnuriIndependent 
Mamta SinghLucknowIndependent 
S. Durga BhavaniHyderabadNA 
Neetisha XalxoRanchiBahujan Sahitya Sangh 
Dr. Abhay KumarDelhiJNU 
Mandira MitraNew DelhiIndependent 
Rajni PalriwalaDelhiAIDWA 
Geeta ThatraNew DelhiJNU 
Geeta PandeNainitalIndependent 
Vibha Puri DasDehradunIndependent 
Dhanu SwadiShimlaIndependent 
Bittu K RSonipat HaryanaTHITS, WSS 
Yasar khanChopdaIndependent 
Debjani SenguptaDelhiIP College, Delhi University 
Kirti SinghDelhiLawyer 
Gautam BhattacharyaDelhiIndependent 
Md. Khadar Mogudini (Javed)RajahmundryIndependent 
Farhan ahmedjamshedpurIndependent 
Utpala MukherjeeNew DelhiIndependent 
Keval AroraNew DelhiCollege teacher 
Qamrul Istam AbuAbu DhabiYes 
Virginia SaldanhaMumbaiIndian Christian Women’s Movement 
Arif ShaikhMumbaiIndependent 
Sarfaraz Ahmed KhanMumbaiJournalist 
Rubina KhaliqNew DelhiNgo 
Akifa BasriBallariJIH 
Fahiza BegumHyderabadIndependent 
Maimoona MollahNew DelhiAIDWA Delhi 
Prof Zenab BanuUdaipurBohra youth Girls’ wing 
Dr LubnaHyderabadIndependent 
Shoeb Miya Rashid Miya DeshmukhYavatmalIndependent 
Babar HameedDelhiIndependent 
Anita RampalDelhiIndependent 
Kazi Hasan ArabiSitapur, Uttar PradeshIndependent 
Zubala MariumDelhiIndependent 
Sadhna AryaDelhiUniversity of Delhi 
Shaheen Afzal AnsariMumbaiIndependent 
Kamal MalhiCHANDIGARHIndependent 
Ayesha AhmedNew DelhiIndependent 
SHAIKH JAVED AJalgaonIndependent 
Bushra BhatiMumbaiIndependent 
Persis GinwallaAhmedabadIndependent 
Haseena P YKollamEngineer 
Gazanfer AliUdaipurIndependent 
NeelamNew DelhiIndependent 
MuralidharanNew DelhiNational Platform for the Rights of the Disabled 
Mohini GiriNew DelhiFormer Chairperson NCW 
Junaid BhatiMumbaiIndependent 
Safia MehdiNew DelhiMember, Muslim Women’s Forum 
Cedric PrakashAHMEDABAD INDIAHuman Rights & Peace Activist 
Reyaz AhmedNew DelhiMuslim Women’s Forum 
Malini GhosrNew DelhiIndependent 
Soumya LambaNew DelhiMuslim Women’s Forum 
Warisha FarasatDelhiAdvocate 
Anjana MangalagiriNew DelhiIndependent 
Kavita Bajeli DattNew DelhiIndependent 
SK DasGurgaonIndependent 
Rashida SayeedMumbaiTeacher 
Uzma AnjumNEW DELHIIndependent   
Shubham KumarMuzaffarpurIndian Institute of Technology, Delhi 
Rochita TalukderKolkataIndependent 
Shakeel KhanMumbaiIndependent 
Shadab ShaheenNavi MumbaiAffiliation 
Vandana MahajanNew DelhiIndependent 
Sonya J NairThiruvananthapuramIndependent 
Dinesh SahniNew DelhiRetired 
Rafia KhanNew DelhiIndependent 
Komala VRBengaluruIndependent 
AlwynNew DelhiIndependent 
Sheba GeorgeAhmedabadIndependent 
Sudha NBangaloreIndependent 
MD.SHARIQUE EHSANKolkataIndependent 
Siddhartha MitraDelhiIndependent 
Kiran MoghePunePune Zilha Gharkamgar Sanghatana 
ZarinNew DelhiIndependent 
Zaara ShaikhMumbaiIndependent 
Joheb GhoriJaipurIndependent 
QurratulainNagpurJamate Islami hind 
Satnam KaurNew DelhiSaheli 
Savita SharmaDelhiSaheli 
Bilal KhanMumbaiGBGBA 
Dr. Tarannum SiddiquiDelhiIndependent 
Rupsa MallikGurgaonFeminist activist 
T R KidwaiNew DelhiIndependent 
Mamta SinghLucknowIndependent 
S. Durga BhavaniHyderabadNA 
Dr Rukmini RaoHyderabadSocial activist 
MOHD AZHAR NUMANISiddharth Nagar, UPAffiliation 
Prabir ChatterjeeKolkataIndependent 
Farhan SayaniNavi MumbaiAIMIM 
Kamayani Bali MahabalMumbaiJan Swasthya Abhiyan- Mumbai 
Afroja khatunKolkataIndependent 
Kanwaljit DhillonChandigarhPunjab Women Collective 
Mohammed AjeebBradford ukIndependent 
Nikhil DeyDevoongri, RajasthanMKSS 
Shanker SinghDev doongri, RajasthanMKSS 
Shubhangi ShuklaDev doongri, RajasthanMKSS 
Renuka PamechaJaipurWomens Rahbailiation Group 
Mamta JaitlyJaipurVividha, Women’s Documentation and Resource Centre 
Vijay Lakshmi JoshiJaipurPUCL, Jaipur 
Tishna SenapatyJaipurPUCL, Rajasthan 
Komal SrivastavaJaipurBGVS 
Sarla Kumari YadavJaipurPUCL Jaipur 
Sister carolAjmerPUCL, Ajmer 
Anita ChaudharyJaipurPUCL, Jaipur 
Pragnya JoshiRaniwada, JalorePUCL, Rajasthan 
Dr. Shikha KapurNew DelhiAcademic 
Tara AhluwaliaBhilwaraPUCL, Bhilwara 
Lata SinghJaipurPUCL Jaipur 
Meeta singhJaipurPUCL Jaipur 
Akhil ChaudaryJaipurPUCL, Jaipur 
Mewa BhartiJaipurRajasthan Mahila Kamgaar Union 
Pushpa SainiJaipurWomen’s Rehabilitation Group 
Shabnam AzizJaipurPUCL, Jaipur 
Suman DevathiyaJaipurWomen’s Right to Fight 
Meena GuptaSecunderabadIndependent 
Ranjita BiswasKolkataIndependent 
Kiran BangaNew DelhiIndependent 
Dr Surinder JaipalLudhianaPunjab Women Collective 
Muhammad TMumbaiPh.D. candidate 
Walter FernandesGuwahatiNESRC 
M R KidwaiNew DelhiIndependent 
Nivedita JhaPatnaBihar Mahila Samaj 
Nisha SidhuJaipurNFIW 
Meenakshi BindoriyaJaipurNFIW 
Isha SharmaJaipurNFIW 
Sumitra ChopraJaipurAIDWA 
Kusum SaiwalJaipurAIDWA 
Seema JainBikanerAIDWA 
Durga SwamiSri GangangangarAIDWA 
Chandrakala VermaHanumangarhAIDWA 
Neha MeghwalJodhpurAIDWA 
Tara GhayalSikarAIDWA 
Shrikanta ShrimaliUdaipurAIDWA 
Asis Kumar DasDankuni, HooghlySocial Activist 
Irfan EngineerMumbaiInstitute of Islamic Studies 
Sunita SheelPuneIndependent 
Dipa SinhaDelhiIndependent 
Aysha KhanDelhiRight to Food Campaign 
Bhanwar MeghwanshiBhilwara, Mandal, BhilwaraPUCL 
MadhuriBadwani, MPJADS 
Anuradha TalwarWest BengalPBKMS 
SindhuJaipurSamta Manch 
Ashima Roy ChowdhuryNew Delhi NCRFeminist activist 
Zaheda SarwarJaunpur,U.P.Independent 
Jaya SharmaDelhiIndependent 
Meenakshi SanyalDelhiIndependent 
Swapna BanerjeeDelhiIndependent 
Sanchita MukherjeeDelhiIndependent 


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