Protest Against Displacement of Adivasis in Kaimur and Hasdeo and the Killing of 6-month-old Infant in Bijapur

Hasdeo Protest

On 10th January 2024, Forum Against Corporatization and Militarization (FACAM) held a protest gathering at Delhi University Art Faculty against the cutting of trees and land grab of Adivasi peasant land in Hasdeo, Chhattisgarh, against the establishment of a tiger reserve as an excuse to displace Adivasi peasants in Kaimur, Bihar and against the killing of a 6 month old infant in Bastar region, Chhattisgarh on 1st January 2024. The protest stood in opposition of the Indian government’s Operation SAMADHAN-Prahar, which furthers militarization for the sake of intensifying corporate loot in resource-rich regions by building multiple paramilitary camps and deploying thousands of paramilitary forces in these regions, all in the name of anti-Maoist operations. The protest was addressed by Delhi University’s Dr. Jitendra Meena, Dr. Saroj Giri of the Political Science Department and Dr. Nandita Narain of St. Stephen’s College, DU.

Dr. Jitendra Meena spoke on the intensified displacement of Adivasis from their land by way of big corporate’s seeking to begin mining projects in resource-rich regions. He raised his astonishment as to how forests in Hasdeo which were once declared a “No-Go” zone for human activities are now being cut down for the interests of Adani’s mining project right after the BJP government came to power in Chhatisgarh. He expressed his concern regarding how displacement of people in the name of environmental conservation and building a tiger reserve such as in Kaimur, is being justified through amendments in Forest conservation and wildlife protection laws. He said, “108 villages in Kaimur have been given a notice for displacement. Same story is being seen in Rajasthan, in the Kumbhalgarh area where more than 50 villages have received the same notices for displacement. In Karoli, Dhaulpur, more than 50 villages too have received notices from the government to leave. Where will these Adivasi peasants go, what will happen to their lives? Nobody knows. But the story of displacing them from their lands has already begun, whether it be in Kaimur, Hasdeo, Bastar or Rajasthan.”

Dr. Saroj Giri spoke next, pointing out how the struggle of Palestinian people in Gaza against the Zionist Israeli state is linked with the struggle for land and resources in Bastar and other parts of the country. He pointed out how the Indian state is unleashing an undeclared and undocumented war on the Adivasi people of the country since Salwa Judum and Operation Green Hunt which has now intensified into Operation SAMADHAN-Prahar. The people’s struggle against militarization and corporate loot is a struggle for their existence which is tied to their land. He condemned the killing of a 6 month old infant in Bijapur by security forces and drew a contrast with previous such massacres in Gompad, Sarkeguda and Eddesmetta. He pointed out that despite judicial enquiry reports finding the paramilitary personnel responsible for the fake encounter in Edesmetta and Sarkeguda, no action has been taken. 

Dr. Nandita Narain followed up by finding the root of the issue in imperialism’s setting up of outposts in different strategic regions of interests, with the Israeli state being one such outpost in the Middle East. Pointing out the role of the Zionist Israeli state providing arms, including drones to the brahmanical Hindutva fascist Indian state, which it used to bomb Bastar, she said this close collaboration between India and Israel is an example of how imperialism is the driving force behind the corporate loot of resources and is expanding its tentacles in our country as well. She reminisced regarding the campaign led by Dr. G.N. Saibaba against Operation Green Hunt which culminated in his incarceration, thereby exposing the state’s attempt to silence any voice that questions this undeclared war.


The protest was also addressed by constituent members of FACAM. Aditya from AISA, Uthara from bsCEM, Sujit from DSU and Val from Nazariya magazine spoke unilaterally against the killing of the infant, destruction of Hasdeo and state suppression of leaders of the anti-displacement movement in Bihar led by Kaimur Mukti Morcha. They also gave a unified call to stop Operation SAMADHAN-Prahar and reiterated that like Operation Green Hunt, Operation SAMADHAN-Prahar will also be defeated.

Concluding the protest, FACAM member and Moderator Ehtmam Ul Haque spoke about the increasing militarization. He pointed out that 195 paramilitary camps have been built within 5 years of Operation SAMADHAN-Prahar and the killing of 6 month old infant in Bijapur is related to similar camps built in nearby villages of Palnar, Dumri Paralnar and Kavadgaon in December 2023.



Constituents: All India Students Association (AISA), All India Revolution Students Organization (AIRSO), All India Revolutionary Women’s Organization (AIRWO), Bhim Army Student Federation (BASF), Bhagat Singh Ambedkar Students Organization (BASO), Bhagat Singh Chhatra Ekta Manch (bsCEM), Collective, Common Teachers Forum (CTF), Democratic Students Union (DSU), Fraternity, Mazdoor Adhikar Sanghathan (MAS), Nazariya Magazine, Progressive Lawyers Association (PLA), Trade Union Centre of India (TUCI), Vishwavidyalaya Chhatra Federation (VCF)

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