Bulldozing Muslim Properties Across States: Open Letter to Attorney General for India. Didn’t Hitler’s ‘de-facto Attorney General’ Face Nuremberg Trials & Execution?!

bulldozer Nuh

Dear Venkataramani,

In response to my open letter addressed to you – carried by Countercurrents.org on 7 August 2023 – you maintained a deathly silence. The letter can be accessed here.

The letter documented the illegal bulldozing of properties belonging to the Muslim community in Nuh, Haryana. Judiciary called it ethnic cleansing. I had urged you to intervene and cautioned that if such bulldozing continued a civil war could ensue.

On 9 February 2024, Countercurrents.org published an article titled “Bulldozer Injustice in India – JCB Machines Weaponised in Hate Campaign” detailing Amnesty International Reports about bulldozing of Muslim settlements in five states in India.

Consequent to the illegal bulldozing, widespread killings and protests followed.

Remember Hans Frank (1900 – 1946) was a personal legal adviser to Hitler and Nazi Party. He was convicted of crimes against humanity at Nuremberg Trials; awarded death sentence and executed by hanging. He functioned as ‘de-facto attorney general’ in Nazi Germany.

I again appeal to you to intervene. The fascist acts of bulldozing by the ‘police-administration-local governments’ combine must end. If and when a truly peoples’ government comes to power and a Nuremberg-type trial gets ordered against these and other fascist acts committed over the last decade, then judges, law officials and legal advisers to the rulers would also come under scrutiny. There is no immunity available to the Attorney General for India!

P. S. Sahni

Your friend of four decades

[Presently I am a member of PIL Watch Group and ABVA collective. Email: [email protected]]

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