BJP’s hollow love for the constitution

constitution of India

            The BJP, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has been making a determined effort in recent days to deny the Opposition’s allegations that the party wants to “change the Constitution” in order to regain a larger majority in government. At rallies in Purnea and Gaya, Bihar, Narendra Modi cited the Constitution and B R Ambedkar, declaring his commitment to both. Speaking in Gaya, Bihar, Modi reaffirmed his support for the nation’s constitution and stated “People ask me why I care so much for the poor, the Dalits. I do so because I have risen from among them. I therefore feel indebted to this social class. I also feel indebted towards the Constitution framed by Babasaheb Ambedkar which helped me reach where I am.” Our intent is to reach out to every nook and corner of the country where youngsters will be told how our glorious Constitution was drafted and what its significance is,” he said in Purnea.

            However, these statements doesn’t have any other sincerity o the constitution or Ambedkar, but merely an attempt to use the emotional capital of Ambedkar and the constitution among Dalit-Bahujan-Adivasi communities as a electoral investment. With unemployment, inflation and farmers crisis at its peak, the DBA communities are struggling every day. The recent Lokniti-CSDS Survey also pointed that unemployment and inflation are concerning issues among majority of the voters. There are also concerns about community based reservation among DBA communities, as BJP and RSS leaders have constantly made statements against same.

 While Modi claims to safeguard constitution, actions taken by his government says another story. CAA, recently notified by the Modi government which defines citizenship according to religion is against the basic constitutional principles. Ever since 1946, when the constitution was adopted, RSS has been rejecting it.  There were constantly articles published in Organizer, claiming that constitution is colonial and western lacking ‘Indianess’, as smrithi literature including manusmrithi is not sighted in the constitution. Even during this election season several BJP-RSS leaders made similar statements. The government will need a two-thirds majority in Parliament to “make a new Constitution”, Ayodhya’s sitting BJP MP Lallu Singh purportedly said at a public meeting in Milkipur assembly constituency. It can be seen that Hindutva attitudes towards Ambedkar and the Consitution community was always reactionary, and only aim of statements by Prime minister is to use the emotional capital among DBA communities.

Naveen Prasad Alex is a master’s student in biological sciences at the University of Turku, Finland. He is a Junior Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and has authored two books in Malayalam. He is also passionate about Anti-caste movements, Anthropology and politics.

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