Finally, Iran Retaliates to Israeli attacks!

Iran Strikes Israel

Iran made all the due preparations over the last few days and then struck Israel with a mighty series of blows with its drones and cruise missiles. Iran’s retaliation was its answer to the Israeli attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus. Now the Iranians have answered, as they promised they would and have struck military and other targets in Israel.

Iran ensured that none of the US bases in the region, in Iraq, Syria, or the Gulf countries, or Turkey would retaliate – none! If the US did, the the Axis of Resistance would strike at the US bases, ensuring their utter destruction. Until now, the USS Carney too has not struck Iran, and the UK has backed out from any role whatsoever.

In case of Israeli attacks, the Axis of Resistance has further warned of great escalation on the Lebanese front, where the Hezbollah could take Israeli (Occupied Palestine 1948) territory all the way till Haifa. Syria too will move into the Golan Heights and reclaim its sovereign territory held by Israel since 1967.

The Yemeni Houthi government continues to stand guard on the Red Sea, with Iran controlling the Hormuz Strait, the entry to the Persian Gulf.

Iran’s attack on the psychopathic mass murderer Judeo-Nazi entity of Israel has boosted the morale of the people and nations across the region and across the world. There are celebrations on the streets of Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Jordan, with more and more countries joining the celebrations.

Israel has made a great strategic error by directly attacking Iran, thus now directly drawing Iran into the fast unfolding regional war. Iran had no choice, but to retaliate against the Israeli attacks on its consulate in Damascus. Israel, after facing a strategic military defeat in Gaza, wanted to expand the war, drawing in Iran, and then would follow the US & the rest of the Anglo-Zionist Western alliance. 

After the Iranian retaliation, now will Israel escalate the war further?

Will the US too attack Iran from its aircraft carriers on standby?

What will be the role of Russia in the fast-unfolding war? Russia has a strategic alliance with Iran, as is evident from their military & political cooperation in Syria to Ukraine. China too will surely stand with Russia and Iran.

So even as deep cracks are appearing within the Western alliance, the nations that constitute the Global South, the World Majority are fast uniting. The nations of Asia, Africa, the America’s, are fast uniting for the cause of Palestine, which is the central geopolitical issue and the greatest moral issue of our times.

If the US attacks Iran, its illegal bases, its illegal presence in Syria, in Iraq will come under massive attack and the US will yet again have to flee in ignominy, just as they did from Vietnam & Afghanistan.

Due to the ongoing Holocaust of the Palestinian people, Israel is deeply isolated internationally, a pariah, a war criminal entity. Israel is deeply divided within and not even the war has managed to unite the country. Netanyahu is highly unpopular, and his extreme rightwing bunch of extremist Judeo-Nazi psychopaths, the Gvir’s, the Smotrich’s, are dragging Israel towards certain defeat. 

If the war came to a halt, Netanyahu will lose power, he will have to resign. He faces serious corruption charges with hearings still pending in the Supreme Court. Netanyahu will go to prison, which is why he is desperately prolonging the war. 

If an election were held today, Netanyahu and his ultra-rightwing fanatical Jewish Bloc will lose. Israel has lost all sense of direction, be it in terms of political strategy, both at home or abroad, or on the battlefield. Thus, even after committing a Holocaust, Israel has been unable to defeat the Palestinian resistance, or break the will of the Palestinian people, who refuse to surrender. Thus, despite the Hiroshima-Nagasaki scale of bombings, the mass murder, the torture, the famine and starvation conditions created by the Israeli Nazi entity – Gaza still stands, Palestine still stands!!

Now, Iran, the Axis of the Regional Resistance, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Yemen are ready to proceed with the “Last War of Independence”. The freedom and liberty of all of the West Asian region is at stake, of the World is at stake. We are witness to the collapse of US-led Western imperialism & Zionism.

The Global South, the Global  Majority stand with Palestine! The People of the world, which include the majority of the people of the West, including a few governments like Ireland & Spain, too stand with Palestine. It’s now down to a handful of Zionist occupied regimes in the US, UK, Germany, France and Canada. They yet, shamefully support, arm, finance the colonial settler occupation, the ethnic cleansing, the war crimes, the genocide, and the Holocaust of the Palestinian nation. These Western regimes too are increasingly isolated, mere pariah states.

Israel is led by deranged, insane racist, supremacist cabal of Judeo-Nazi fanatics, and when a state is led by such delusional maniacs, their words, their actions and their misdeeds, lead to the eventual collapse and the destruction of that nation. The destruction of Israel is directly proportional to the growing Jewish fanaticism and the increasing genocidal war crimes against the Palestinian population.

The consequences of the “October 7 Gaza Ghetto Uprising” have indeed been far reaching & it has upset all of the Israeli & US calculations. They have been unable to comprehend and decipher the depth of its meaning and strategic impact that it would have. 

The October 7 Palestinian uprising was a desperate “Call for Freedom”, a call that much of the world was deaf to, blind to, but is now hearing, seeing, heeding…..

The end of the Israeli Occupation of Palestine draws closer and closer.

Palestine will be free. After decades of Persecution and Crucifixion, the world is witnessing the Resurrection of the Palestinian nation.

All the Palestinians are soon coming back home, and We, with them.

Feroze Mithiborwala is Founder-National Gen. Sec. India Palestine Solidarity Forum

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