Open Letter to Kejriwal: Ernest Sterzer Survived Holocaust in Concentration Camps with Diabetes; You too with Diabetes would Survive Incarceration by a Fascist Regime!

Arvind Kejriwal

I have read that you are struggling with fluctuating levels of blood sugar which had even dropped to levels below 50 mg/dl. Please ask the jail authorities to supply you with Ernest Sterzer’s memoirs where he starts by saying:

“To the best of my knowledge, I am the only diabetic who survived years of imprisonment in German concentration camps,”

His 11- page memoirs document:

  • Ernest had to sleep on cold bare floors.
  • Following two days without medicines Ernest fell into a coma overnight and awoke two days later in a hospital.
  • Ernest had his urine checked twice a day, and his blood sugar once a day. At one point he received a dose of 110 units of insulin to bring down his very high blood sugar levels.
  • After 3 weeks at Oranienburg concentration camp in Prussia, Ernest had a constant flow of pus from his ears – he was told he had developed a mastoid. Then he developed paralysis of the soft palate in the roof of the mouth.
  • At a later stage Ernest was rescued by the Allied forces who took him in and provided medical treatment.
  • Upon arriving in Vienna, Ernest discovered his parents had died in concentration camps.
  • He went blind in 1953.
  • He went on to set up the Superior Addressing and Mailing Services in New York City with the help of his seeing-dog Sheila.
  • He died in 1973.

(These facts adapted from and with courtesy: Surviving the Holocaust with type 1 diabetes: The story of Ernest Sterzer)

Kejriwal sir, you too will be free one day. Take inspiration from the story of Ernest.   

P.S Sahni is a member of PIL Watch Group.


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