US War Against Yemen Heats Up


The US war against Yemen is slowly but surely heating up. With more and bigger bombs the US is doing the only thing it knows how when what it is doing isn’t working, something even Genocide Joe Biden has admitted.

Some might think this story started back on Oct 7, 2023 when the Palestinian resistance in Gaza attacked the Israeli occupation forces. Israel launched its genocide against Gaza and the Houthi’s/ Ansrallah in Yemen responded by declaring a blockade of Israeli shipping through the Baab Al Mandeb, the critically strategic chokepoint connecting the Red Sea to the Indian ocean through which passes most of the commerce between Europe and Asia.

But US bombs dropped by US made planes were slaughtering tens of thousands of Yemeni’s from 2015-2022 in what was really a US proxy war fought by Saudi Arabia. US bombs dropped by US planes, the only difference was the pilots back then were Saudi. Today its US pilots slaughtering Yemen women and children.

The question is how did all this come to be, where US pilots are massacring Yemeni civilians on behalf of…Israel? US high explosives had been slaughtering Yemeni wedding parties with drone launched missiles since Obama was President and his Tuesday morning breakfast meetings where he chose which Yemeni’s were going to die that day in the name of the rules based US “war on terror”.

Having yet to find anything accurate about how the US war against Yemen happened it was time to set the record straight. To do this one has to go back 60+ years and then work your way up to today.

In the early 1960’s Egyptian President Nasser decided that the ongoing chaos in Yemen after the western colonialists pulled out in the 1950’s was something his version of Pan-Arabism should do something about and he embarked on a huge disaster, invading Yemen in what quickly turned into a quagmire in what has been called Egypt’s Vietnam. 30,000+ casualties later by the end of the 1960’s President Nasser had learned his very bitter lesson and pulled Egyptian troops out of Yemen. What Nasser thought was a political problem was actually, in his words “a tribal problem” and he washed his hands of the whole matter. Some believe the Egyptian invasion of Yemen so weakened the Egyptian army that the Israelis had an easy time of it when they launched their war against the Arabs in 1967, the “Six Days War”.

Yemen eventually split into North and South Yemen with the northern tribes, todays Houthi’s/Ansrallah existing in an uneasy, and often broken peace, with the Sunni based southern tribes 

This was before the collapse of the Soviet Union so superpower contention was a constant fact of life. To an extent the US supported Nasser’s war in Yemen, behind the scenes, though Pan-Arab nationalism was not something PaxAmericana was comfortable with.

When Nasser pulled his army out the US and its UK lackeys promoted their “crisis management” policy, creating one crisis after another the better to loot, plunder and, especially, control Yemen which sits on one side of the Baab Al Mandeb, the strategically critical chokepoint between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

From the 1970’s on a divided Yemen, North and South, seemed to be eternal, or so all the “experts” thought.

Then out of the blue a sudden rush to unite North and South Yemen into one country took place in 1990. It happened so quickly the US and its lackeys in the UK were caught with their pants down and before they could sabotage this peace process it was a done deal.

The reason this happened, and any Eritrean with even basic knowledge of history will tell you, it was the Eritrean Peoples Liberation Front (EPLF) in 1990 that got both parties together in a room for a few weeks and brokered a deal that united Yemen. Mind you, the EPLF in 1990 was still an independence movement and had not yet won independence for Eritrea from the colonial Ethiopian occupation so all the more impressive an accomplishment.

Of course once the US heard about this deal they quickly played their carrot and stick routine with the new President of Yemen Saleh Abdellah and peace and prosperity for a united Yemen was still born.

Over the next decades the Al-Houthi family and its allied tribes, todays Ansrallah, and the Yemen army headed by President Saleh Abdellah fought four wars that I know of, some say six. No one won any of these bloodlettings with both sides each time accepting an uneasy truce due to having fought to mutual exhaustion.

Then at the end of 2014 the Al-Houthi/Ansrallah armed forces made a deal with the head of the Yemen army, son of “ex-President” Saleh Abdellah and set off to take over all of Yemen at gunpoint. This deal combined the military might of Yemen’s two largest armies and it looked like Yemen’s North/South unity was about to be done in. 

This all caught the National Security Establishment in the US napping and in the frantic aftermath of the Houthi/Ansrallah/Yemen army invasion of the south the US turned to the only ground force available to block the Houthi-Saleh Abdellah fighters from victory and a reluctant Saudi Arabia was dragged into this morass. How do we know this? Because there was no way the Saudi army didnt know all to well the bitter lessons Egypt learned the hard way about intervening in Yemeni tribal quarrels. So Saudi pilots, trained, armed and re-fueled by the US military began bombing Yemen. Of course the “Iran backed Houthis” boogeyman was promoted as a good enough reason.

With Saudi involvement what looked like an easy defacto coup by the Houthi/Saleh alliance came to a halt and for a time they were on the back foot, forced to retreat.

Saleh then tried to make his own deal with the Saudis and quickly discovered just how ruthless Ansrallah/Houthis could be towards those they viewed as traitors, and while attempting to flee Yemen’s capital Sana’a, was killed. What happened to his remains is anyones guess. Someone who spent decades ruling Yemen just disappeared instantly from Yemen’s reality.

Over the course of the seven years of US/Saudi war against Yemen the Saudi air force massacred hundreds of thousands of Yemen’s people until the war came to an end in 2022 thanks  to Chinese intervention that brought the Saudis together with the Iranians to hammer out a reproachment between once bitter foes.

Then in Oct 2023 Hamas launched its attack on the Israeli occupation army and the colonial settler zionist settler army responded with what quickly turned into a genocide of mainly Palestinian women and children.

Having just emerged from a US backed genocidal war and blockade by the Saudi’s the Houthi’s/Ansrallah declared a blockade of Israeli ships through the Baab Al Mandab chokepoint between the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The US intervened on Israels behalf and a full fledged war between the US and the Yemeni people began.

Just were this war is heading depends on Israel for the Houthis/Ansrallah have made it clear that they will lift all blockades once the genocide ends.

The US has been exposed as being pretty much helpless to prevent the attacks on its allies shipping in this most critically strategic region for both Europe and Asia through which their ships in the hundreds pass every day. Slowly the US war on Yemen is turning into a quagmire for PaxAmericana which can only respond in the language it knows best, brute force. More and heavier bombs killing more and more Yemeni’s as the US war against Yemen slowly heats up. 

Thomas C. Mountain is an historian and educator with over 40 years background in Africa. He lived and reported from Eritrea from 2006-2021 and at one time was the most widely distributed independent journalist in Africa. Follow him at thomascmountain on Twitter/X or best reach him at thomascmountain at g mail dot com

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