Delhi state Anganwadi Workers and helpers union stage campaign against AAP and BJP

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On 28th November, In Babarpur the Anganwadi workers Union launched a qualitative campaign in exposing the nefarious agenda of the BJP and AAP. It  gheraoed house of labour minister Gopal Rai in a most intensive manner. It also blocked exit from the BJP office for leaders-ministers to step out.Mini-rallies were staged calling for boycotting both the parties.

The people of the area have begun to lose faith in the political parties. The campaign had a telling influence on them and they readily offered moral support to the Union. In a most systematic manner the leaders explained how the agenda of both the parties were to rob the workers of their basic rights and completely negate their welfare.

AAPA and BJP party posters were burnt on the streets and effigies of politicians, The people of the area were literally strung in their hearts, with wrath against both the parties written on their faces.

On 26th November in  Kamala Nagar area of Delhi rally was taken out by the Delhi state Anganwadi and helpers Union making the people that area turn against the workers and women belonging to the BJP and Aaam Admi party .The Union appealed to the people to completely boycott the BJP and AAP. Speakers expressed how in essence the Aam Admi party was of the same metal of any ruling class party offering no genuine democratic alternative and dancing to the tune of corporate to alienate he labour class. It summarised how such parties passed laws to completely subvert the working class to the the dictates of the corporate class and used contract labour system to break the backbone of workers unity.A militant rally was held calling slogans of boycotting the parties. Effigies of politicians and posters of political parties were burnt.

Positive to see atmosphere hotting up before December 4th municipal elections, with workers determined to upset the applecart or threaten the stranglehold of the ruling parties.

Both campaigns reflected how common people’s anger was simmering at a boiling point against the anti –people agenda of the rulers and their thirst for a true alternative. They took place in the aftermath in similar programmes at Kejriwals’ public meeting at pahar ganj and office of Gautam Gambhir.Postive to witness the powerful spirit of class consciousness in women workers and relentless spirit to confront the reactionary social order. Complement to grassroot work undertaken at basti level amongst women workers, by the Union.


The background of the election campaigns lay in 22000 Anganwadi Caregivers steering a historic and heroic strike under the leadership of their union, ‘Delhi State Anganwadi Workers and Helpers Union from 31st January 2022. For 39 days, this heroic strike not only stretched o the limit the right-populist Aam Aadmi Party’s Delhi government and the fascist BJP’s central government but also placed before the eyes of people, the merciless nature of the entire capitalist system. With their three massive rallies, the Anganwadi Caregivers of Delhi integrated the people of Delhi and elsewhere with their struggle and also gained their immense love, support and solidarity. The common toiling masses of Delhi as well as those engulfing other regions of India and world backed the struggle of anganwadi workers.

Having failed to subvert the strike by resorting to every possible game, the Delhi AAP Government threatened by this unparalleled struggle, finally colluded with the BJP to terminate the strike by imposing a six-month Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) on the strike through the office of Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. Following this, the Women and Child Development Department (WCD), Delhi continued with the repression and as an act of vengeance, illegally terminated the services of 884 women caregivers who spearheaded the movement for the sole reason of participating in the strike. For most of these women workers, honorarium from Anganwadi work was the only source of income as a sizeable number of them act as sole breadwinners of their families.

Harsh Thakor is freelance journalist who has covered mass movements around India

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