20 Ways Anti-Semitic Australian Labor Government Complicit In Jewish Israeli Gaza Genocide


The Zionist-subverted and US lackey Australian Labor Government fervently supports Apartheid Israel by lying, diplomacy, key arms supply, massive military purchases, intelligence, missile targeting, and Nazi-style brain washing of Jewish children and is thus deeply complicit in the ongoing Jewish Israeli mass murder of Palestinians in Gaza. The Coalition Opposition is even worse. In Australia’s compulsory and preferential voting system decent Australians ask: put the Coalition or Labor last?

Under either the extreme Right-wing  Liberal Party-National Party Coalition (presently in opposition) or the Rightist-dominated Labor (presently in government) Australia is second only to the US as a fervent supporter of Apartheid Israel, and for 76 years has fervently supported Jewish Israeli-imposed genocidal atrocities applied mercilessly to the Indigenous Palestinian inhabitants.

At the outset it should be made clear than both the dreadful Labor Government and the even worse Coalition opposition are anti-Arab anti-Semitic (variously actively supporting Jewish Israeli-ruled Apartheid Israel’s mass murder of Arab Occupied Palestinians)  and anti-Jewish anti-Semitic (by falsely conflating these awful genocidal crimes with all  Jews, this falsely  including decent, anti-racist Jews upholding a wonderful multi-millennial humanitarian Jewish tradition).

Indeed decent, anti-racist Jews say that the conflict can be ended  right now by simply according  15 million Indigenous Palestinians equal rights and all human rights (unfortunately the Labor-backed genocidally racist Jewish Israelis won’t agree to this proposal that is obvious and unexceptional to all decent Humanity).  

(A). The century-long Palestinian Genocide

The horrendous dimensions of the century-long Palestinian Genocide include 2 million dead from imposed deprivation and about 0.1 million killed violently [1-6], as compared to the 6-year duration WW2 Jewish Holocaust ( 5-6 million killed by the Nazi Germans and their allies by violence or imposed deprivation) [7-9]. The Palestinian Genocide was associated with 3 mass population expulsion atrocities, (1) the 1948 Nakba (800,000 or 60% of the population expelled), (2) the 1967 Naksa (400,000 expelled) and (3) the 2023-2024 Gaza Genocide (most of 2.3 million now starving Gazans under siege expelled from their homes to a tiny area around Rafah in the South  that is still being bombed and faces a full Jewish Israeli onslaught and adumbrated total expulsion into the Egyptian Sinai desert).

The 15 million mostly impoverished Indigenous Palestinians include 7 million Exiled Palestinians  (forbidden to return to their multi-millennial homeland, Palestine), 5.6 million Occupied Palestinians (denied human rights and highly abusively confined under brutal  military  rule to ever-diminishing West Bank ghettoes (3.3 million) and to the besieged, blockaded and bombed Gaza Concentration Camp (2.3 million) that is now being reduced to rubble by the neo-Nazi Jewish Israeli military), and 2 million Palestinian Israelis (the only Palestinian subjects of Apartheid Israel that are permitted to vote for the government ruling them, albeit as Third Class citizens under 65 Nazi-style, race-based,  discriminatory laws). Before the present Gaza Genocide the GDP per capita was a deadly  $1,000 (Gaza) and  a deadly $4,000 (West Bank) as compared to $55,500 (Apartheid Israel) [6].  

According to Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor ( 24 February 2024, Day  141 of the latest Jewish Israeli Gaza Massacre): “The  total number of Palestinians, killed by Israeli missiles and shells, including those buried under the rubble is about 38,066, including 14,350 children, 8,620 women,  41 Civil Defence workers, and 326 healthcare workers, in addition to 71,220 injured Palestinians, 134 Civil Defence workers…Israeli has displaced 2,000,000 Palestinians of Gaza’s 2.2 Million, destroyed 99.600 homes, partially damaged 241.400 homes, destroyed or damaged 173 press headquarters, damaged 406 schools, destroyed 1,920 industrial facilities, 613 mosques…28 hospitals, 65 clinics and 163 ambulances, and 199 heritage sites” [10].

This ongoing massacre through violence and deadly deprivation is in reprisals for 1,200 Israelis killed in the 7 October Palestinian Breakout from the Gaza Concentration Camp (nearly all being past, serving or reservist military, 30 being children, and many killed by high explosive tank shelling and helicopter Hellfire missiles from the 99% Jewish Israel Defence Forces (IDF), but Apartheid Israel has been burying the evidence). Of the 1,200 Israelis killed 84.2% (1,010) were 18-39 years old (i.e. were current Israeli military, conscripts  or reservists), 13.3% (160) were 40 and older (with most being former or existing military), and  2.5% (30) were aged under 18 (children) i.e. about 97% of those killed were legitimate military targets as past or serving Occupying forces. Further, the firepower of the IDF (shells and missiles) vastly exceeded  the firepower of the lightly-armed Palestinians. If deaths in the fire zone are proportional to firepower then most of the Israelis killed were killed by the Jewish IDF [11].

(B). Racist Australian Labor Government support for Jewish Israeli-imposed Palestinian Genocide and complicity in the present Gaza Massacre.

The egregiously racist Australian Labor Party has been fervently supporting neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel against the Indigenous Palestinians for three quarters of a century and has an awful record since its foundation in 1891 of genocidal hatred for and maltreatment of Indigenous people. Thus in 1788 the Indigenous Australians  were  invaded by the racist British (like the Indigenous Palestinians in 1917)  and were subject to an ongoing Aboriginal Genocide (about 0.1 million killed violently and 2 million killed by dispossession, deprivation,  and disease (just like the Indigenous Palestinians). The violent killing of Indigenous Australians by racist White Australia stopped in 1930 but the Indigenous Australians  were only recognized as citizens to be counted in 1967. In 2008 Australian PM Kevin Rudd (removed in a pro-Zionist-led Coup in 2010) issued a formal Sorry for circa 100,000 Indigenous children removed from their mothers (the Stolen Generations)  but such removal continues now at a record rate (genocide) [12-16].  

The loss of up to 600 unique languages and dialects makes the Australian Aboriginal Genocide qualitatively the worst in human history. There is a shocking 9- and 28-fold  difference in  annual per capita avoidable mortality from imposed deprivation among Indigenous Palestinians and Indigenous Australians as compared to their  non-Indigenous Rulers, Apartheid Israel and pro-Apartheid non-Indigenous Australia, respectively. While Indigenous Australians have full human rights in rich Australia, their deadly disadvantage is such that their “annual per capita deaths from deprivation” is 2 times greater than that for the sorely oppressed and impoverished  Indigenous Occupied Palestinians who are excluded by Apartheid Israel from all the human rights set out in the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights [16].  I have been researching and writing over the last 3 decades about European colonial and settler-colonial violation of the human rights of Indigenous People [17-20].   

Set out below are various ways in which the racist Australian Labor Government provides support for the ongoing Jewish Israeli-imposed Palestinian Genocide and the present horrendous and utterly unforgivable Gaza Massacre by neo-Nazi Jewish Israeli forces.

(1). Arms supplies from Australia to Apartheid Israel. The highly secretive and neo-Nazi Australian Labor Government  permits  arms sales to child-killing Apartheid Israel. Al Jazeera (November 2023): “What is known is that Australia has issued 350 defence export permits to Israel since 2017, including 52 this year alone, according to the Australian Department of Defence. That information was only made publicly available after direct questions from [Greens Senator David ] Shoebridge during Senate hearings this year”  [21]. This has prompted decent folk protesting at Australian ports [21].

(2). Key arms supplies and dual citizen military from Australia to Apartheid Israel. Various Victorian companies provide key parts to the Israeli war machine, notably to  the Lebanon-, Syria- and Gaza-bombing F-35s [22]. Indeed only Israel is permitted to modify the US F-35 for improved killing [23]. A genocide-cognizant Netherlands court ordered the Dutch government to stop exporting parts for F-35 fighter jets to Israel [24]. Such a ban has yet to eventuate in Gaza Genocide-complicit racist White Australia  that is second only to the US as a supporter of Apartheid Israel and hence of the heinous crime of Apartheid. Kellie Tranter: “Australian-equipped Israeli Air Force F-35 Joint Strike Fighters are being used to commit what amounts to war crimes in Gaza by bombing civilians and providing aerial support for a murderous ground invasion. The Lockheed-Martin F-35 Joint Strike Fighter global supply program is a co-operative partnership, with Australia an enthusiastic member and part of the global supply chain. The Australian government cannot escape the uses to which these aircraft are being put… In fact no bombs could be dropped on Gaza by an F-35 without parts manufactured for the F-35s by Melbourne company, Rosebank Engineering (RUAG Australia)” [22].

(3). Apartheid Israeli military co-research with Australian universities and companies. There are long-standing and dirty military co-research arrangements  between Apartheid Israel and Australian universities [25, 26].  The Victorian State Government signed a memorandum of understanding with Israel’s defence ministry in December 2022. There is a massive 2-way arms trade between Israel and Australia. Australia has been soiled by extensive military research collaborations between Apartheid Israel and Australia universities, most notoriously between Melbourne University and F-35-producing Lockheed and between RMIT and Elbit systems. Rafael Advanced Defence Systems, Elbit Systems and an arms-related AI Centre of Excellence operate in Victoria with enthusiastic Labor government backing.  The University of Melbourne has expanded on its military research connections with genocidal Apartheid Israel by falsely defaming the  anti-racist Students Union as “anti-Semitic” [27, 28] and then adopting the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of anti-Semitism [29-34] that is anti-Jewish anti-Semitic, anti-Arab anti-Semitic, holocaust-denying [35], and has been rejected by over 40 anti-racist Jewish organizations [36]. Several other Australian universities have followed the disgraceful example of the University of Melbourne.

(4). Shocking near-billion dollar deal of Australia with Apartheid Israeli Elbit Systems during the Gaza Massacre.  Some 12 years ago the Australian Defence Force (ADF) spent A$300 billion on an Elbit Systems command and control system but in .2021 the ADF reportedly ordered that Elbit systems be stripped from ADF equipment over security fears [38]. Notwithstanding this hugely expensive scandal, and Elbit Systems being involved in the Gaza Massacre, and the Rohingya Genocide in Mynamar, and being banned over production of illegal weapons, the Australian Labor Government has just announced a new A$917  million deal with Elbit Systems for the ADF. Andrew Greene: “An Israeli company whose technology was stripped from Australian Army equipment over possible data security concerns three years ago has been awarded a fresh defence contract worth $917 million” [39]. The Guardian has reported: “Both Australia’s sovereign wealth fund, the $200bn Future Fund, and Norway’s largest pension fund, the $136bn KLP, have banned investment in Elbit over its alleged association with certain weapons. Cluster munitions, which were allegedly used by Russian forces during the invasion of Ukraine, are bombs that contain smaller bomblets that scatter as they drop from the air… Government tender data shows that Elbit, which employs the former minister for defence Christopher Pyne as a lobbyist, is a major supplier to the Australian defence force, winning more than $1.8bn of work since 2007” [40].

(5). Apartheid Israeli arms and related systems acquired by Australia have been obscenely and war criminally “pre-tested” on defenceless Occupied Palestinian,  Arab and Muslim populations. Apartheid Israel has a huge arms and surveillance technology industry that is selling its “product” around the world. “The Palestine Laboratory ” by anti-racist Jewish Australian writer Antony Loewenstein describes how genocidally racist Apartheid Israel mercilessly uses high technology weapons, fences, and advanced surveillance to comprehensively control the 5.5 million sorely oppressed Occupied Palestinians, and how it exports this obscene technology of neo-Nazi occupation to countries around the World, from the EU and Anglosphere democracies to brutal dictatorships [41, 42]. A key selling point for these systems is that they have been “pre-tested” on Occupied Palestinians and other Arabs and Muslims. Thus, for example, the sophisticated electronic targeting of Palestinians is such that “Killing or injuring Palestinians should be as easy as ordering a pizza” (page 61 [42]). Nuclear armed, serial war criminal and international law-violating Apartheid Israel is a genocidally racist, settler-colonialist obscenity, and ranks on a per capita basis  among the world’s top  militarized countries in 30 key areas of military capacity and ghastly application of military power. On a per capita basis it ranks number 1 in terms of military expenditure, tanks, warplanes, US military aid, killing journalists, killing children, population expulsions, and genocide [43].

(6). The cowardly, Zionist-subverted US lackey Australian Labor  Government permits America to supply raw intelligence on Australians to Apartheid Israel. As reported by Philip Dorling in the leading Sydney Morning Herald: “US shares raw intelligence on Australians with Israel… The United States National Security Agency routinely shares intelligence data with Israel without first sifting through it to remove information about US citizens or the citizens of close allies including Australia, according to a top-secret agreement disclosed by US intelligence whistle-blower Edward Snowden. Details of intelligence-sharing between the National Security Agency and its Israeli counterpart, the Israeli Signals Intelligence National Unit, published by The Guardian newspaper show the US government hands over to Israel “raw” or “unevaluated and unminimised” signals intelligence including “transcripts, gists. facsimiles, telex, voice and Digital Network Intelligence (DNI) metadata and content”” [44]. This espionage on Australians involving  2 inimical foreign powers has been greatly assisted by Coalition- and Labor-backed legislation requiring compulsory acquisition of all Australian metadata  (who speaks to whom but not what is said).  

(7). Under the cowardly, Zionist-subverted US lackey Australian Labor  Government Pine Gap targets Israeli and US missile strikes in Gaza and the Middle East. The joint US-Australian  electronic spying base at Pine Gap in Central Australia is crucial for US nuclear terrorism, intelligence gathering and targeting illegal US missile strikes from Libya to Pakistan. According to former top Federal  public servant John Menadue “Through US base at Pine Gap Australia is complicit in US war crimes” [45]. According to the ABC: “The Pine Gap defence facility near Alice Springs is an essential part of the United States’ ability to use drone strikes in foreign wars… Pine Gap most important US intelligence facility outside US” [45].  Pine Gap is a key nuclear target in any escalating conflict . Thus Professor Paul Dibb ( an emeritus professor at the Australian National University and former director of Australia’s Joint Intelligence Organisation): “We need to plan on the basis that Pine Gap continues to be a nuclear target, and not only for Russia. If China attacks Taiwan, Pine Gap is likely to be heavily involved. We need to remember that Pine Gap is a fundamentally important element in US war fighting and deterrence of conflict” [46]. Former Labor PM Julie Gillard introduced  thousands of US forces into the Northern Territory and under the present Labor  PM Anthony Albanese (militaristic Dirty Albo like gun-toting Dirty Harry) has extended this perverse surrender of sovereignty to the basing and hosting of nuclear-armed B-52 bombers, submarines and other warships in Australia – with all of this making Australia a prime nuclear target in any escalating nuclear conflict. According to Peter Cronau: “The Pine Gap US surveillance base located outside of Alice Springs in Australia is collecting an enormous range of communications and electronic intelligence from the brutal Gaza-Israel battlefield – and this data is being provided to the Israel Defence Forces” [47]. Australian military personnel have transferred to the Middle East for unspecified collaboration with US forces supporting the child-killing Jewish Israeli military.

(8). The Australian Labor Government on Apartheid Israeli advice has suspended aid to UNRWA that is desperately trying to save Palestinian lives. While the core ethos of Humanity is Kindness and Truth, Apartheid Israel is genocidally racist and egregiously mendacious. However acting on Apartheid Israeli advice that 12 out of 13,000 UNWRA workers were somehow connected to Hamas (the national liberation entity ruling Gaza and overwhelming victor in the 2006 Occupied Palestinian elections held under Jewish Israeli guns). UNWRA (the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East) is crucial for saving the lives of 2.3  million Gazans now threatened with catastrophe due to being largely deprived by the Jewish  Zionazis of water, food,  shelter, sanitation,  medicine, and medical care. The cowardly, Zionist-subverted, US lackey Australian Government, not content with complicity in the violent killing of Palestinians in Gaza (see 1-7 above) is now complicit in the passive mass murder of Gazans through imposed deprivation. On 27 February 2024 the Greens moved a Senate Motion for restoring and of UNWRA funding, stating: “If there is a skerrick of humanity left in Labor, they should restore and increase funding to UNRWA.” [48]. As of 5 March 2024 the genocide-complicit  and hence neo-Nazi  Australian Labor Government was still refusing to reinstate support for  UNRWA [49].

(9). Labor-backed Gaza Genocide is the penultimate outcome of Labor-backed Jewish Israeli Apartheid. While the endlessly lying Australian Labor Government  denies the reality of Jewish Israeli Apartheid and fervently opposed Boycotts Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel and all its neo-Nazi supporters, the horrible reality is otherwise as perceived by major global and Israeli  human rights organizations [50] –  Jewish Israeli Apartheid is far, far worse than South African Apartheid . The White South Africans wanted the land and resources of South Africa together with a captive African, Coloured and Asian workforce, and its worst atrocity was the 1960 Sharpeville Massacre in which 69 Africans were shot dead and 189 wounded [51]. In contrast the Jewish Israelis want the land of Palestine (plus territory of its neighbours) but not its Indigenous inhabitants, and has backed this up with egregious and genocidal violence  including  3 mass population expulsion events, the 1948 Nakba.(0.8 million expelled), the 1967 Naksa (0.4 million expelled) and the present Gaza Genocide (2 million expelled from their homes) [50]. Complete ethnic cleansing of the Occupied Palestinian Territories (as predicted by former  US Ambassador to Apartheid Israel and the UN, Tom Pickering) [52] may be the penultimate outcome of the Gaza Genocide by Jewish Israeli-ruled Apartheid Israel. Complete removal of all Indigenous Palestinians from Palestine may be the final outcome of the genocidal racism of Labor-backed Jewish Israeli Apartheid, this being the outcomes adumbrated by all Zionist leaders from Theodor Herzl onwards [52]. Politicians and parties fervently supporting Apartheid Israel and hence supporting the evil crime of Apartheid are thus unfit for decent company, public life and public office.

(10). Only the Greens, ex-Green Lidia Thorpe and 2 Independents have voted for an immediate  and permanent ceasefire in Gaza –  genocide-complicit Labor and the Coalition voted no. On 27 February 2024 I sent the following Letter to major Australian media (note that Australia has a compulsory and preferential voting system in which a voter must list preferences for all candidates and these are taken into account if a candidate fails to win 50% of the primary vote):  “According to Euro-Med Human Rights Monitor by  Day 140  of the Gaza Massacre (23 February 2024) Palestinian deaths in Gaza totalled 38,066,  including 34,570 civilians, 14,350 children, 8,620 women, and 130 journalists with 71,220 injured. This ongoing massacre through violence and deadly deprivation is in reprisals for 1,200 Israelis killed in the 7 October Palestinian Breakout from the Gaza Concentration Camp (nearly all being past, serving or reservist military, 30 being children, and many killed by high explosive tank shelling and helicopter Hellfire missiles from the responding IDF, but Israel has been burying the evidence). Only the Greens, ex-Green Lidia Thorpe, Helen Haines and Andrew Wilkie have voted Yes in Federal Parliament for an immediate and permanent  Ceasefire. The World contains 2 kinds of people, those opposing the mass murder of children and the unforgivable others. Silence is complicity.  The No-voting and hence Gaza  Genocide-complicit Coalition, Labor and Independent MPs are thus unforgivable others. The Coalition are in opposition and don’t know any better, but Labor is in government and know that their position is unforgivably wrong. Utterly appalled Australian voters  ask themselves:  put the Coalition or Labor last?”. My Letter was not published.      

(11). The US lackey Australian Labor Government is unforgivably second only to the US Government in supporting Apartheid Israel and has betrayed Palestinian human rights and Humanity in 85 ways. The new Australian Labor Government was elected in May 2022 with the help of Greens preferences in the Australian compulsory and preferential voting system. However despite pro-Palestinian moves by the Labor Party membership, the US- and Zionist-beholden Labor Government has grossly betrayed Palestinian human rights, Australian voters, Australia, and indeed Humanity in 85 ways that make Labor  utterly unfit to govern and trash Australia’s International  reputation (for a detailed analysis see  [53]). Thus from 1948 onwards successive Labor governments have refused to recognize the State of Palestine and in the last few years continued to do so despite such recognition being Labor Party policy. Successive US lackey Australian governments  have had an appalling record of supporting pro-Apartheid America at the UN and the latest US lackey and pro-Apartheid Australian Labor Government is no exception. Thus the Labor Government voted against  UNGA Recognition of the 75th anniversary of the genocidal Nakba, and voted no (together with the US, Ukraine and the US Alliance excepting Apartheid Israel) to the 2022 annual UNGA anti-Nazism Resolution [54, 55]. Under Labor Australia is second only to the US  as a supporter of child-killing Apartheid Israel.

(12). The preferential voting-elected Australian Labor Government  opposes an immediate and permanent ceasefire in Gaza i.e. it unforgivably backs the continued mass murder of Palestinian children. Australia has an excellent, compulsory and preferential voting system – voters must numerically indicate their preference for all candidates and  if no candidate gets 50% of the vote, second  preferences are considered. The Australian Labor Government was elected with the crucial help of Greens’ preferences. With this in mind consider the following Letter I sent to major Australian media on 4 March 2024: “As a Jewish Holocaust–impacted, anti-racist Jewish Australian scholar with a sole national allegiance to Australia I am inescapably bound by the core moral messages from the WW2 Jewish Holocaust and indeed from all holocausts and genocides, namely  zero tolerance for lying, zero tolerance for racism, never again to anyone, and bear witness – tell the truth for the voiceless. We truthfully say that ”The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor” without  quibbling about the [eventual] 3.5% Korean conscripts in the Imperial Japanese armed forces. Likewise, compulsory military service for most Jewish Israelis means that except for 1% non-Jewish volunteers,  only Jewish Israelis are killing Palestinian children, mothers, women and men in the ongoing Gaza Genocide – irremovable shame on the child-killing war criminals, the Jewish Australians among them, and their Jewish and non-Jewish Zionist supporters. After 5 months of the Jewish Israeli-executed Gaza Genocide, over 14,000 children killed and over 100,000 Palestinians killed, missing or injured, in the Australian Federal Parliament only the Greens, Lidia Thorpe, Helen Haines and Andrew Wilkie have supported an immediate and permanent ceasefire. The Coalition, Labor and like-minded other MPs unforgivably support child-killing Apartheid Israel. Decent, child-loving Australian voters must ask:  Coalition or Labor, who to put last?” It is simply not possible for decent, anti-racist Jewish or non-Jewish Australians to vote 1 for either the Coalition or Labor.

(13). The ability of Labor-backed Apartheid Israel to kill over 14,000 children and continue to commit  genocide in Gaza while the world watches derives in major part from  its possession of 90 nuclear weapons. Massive Apartheid Israeli and Zionist domination of America dates from Jewish Israeli acquisition of nuclear weapons with US, UK and French help by the mid-1960s. Further, as amply demonstrated since WW2 no nation will go to war with a nuclear power like the US that has war criminally invaded 52 other countries in that period [56-58]. Indeed while the US Alliance has responded to the illegal and war criminal Russian invasion of Ukraine with weapons and sanctions, NATO forces fighting Russians in Ukraine could  mean WW3 and the end of most of Humanity and the Biosphere. Further, 30% of Biden’s Cabinet are Jewish Zionists and the remainder are Christian Zionists [59]. Because of its huge domestic power in the US, and its possession of nuclear weapons and sophisticated  delivery systems  (notably German-supplied submarines) Apartheid Israel can simply flout any US wishes over Gaza. The 8,000 million people in the world today, including 15 million Palestinians,  are acutely and existentially threatened by nuclear weapons, deadly poverty and ever worsening man-made climate change [60]. Yet Labor-backed, nuclear terrorist, climate criminal and genocidally racist Apartheid  Israel, ruled by a mere 6.8 million genocidally racist Jewish Zionists, is hugely and disproportionately involved in  these 3 key existential threats to Humanity and the Biosphere – (1) it possesses 90 nuclear weapons and delivery systems, (2) it keeps most of 15 million Palestinians in dire and deadly poverty, and (3) has a key raison d’être– protection of Anglo-American hegemony and control over the massive  fossil fuel reserves in the Middle East.  Despite this being official Labor Party policy, the US lackey and Zionist-subverted Australian Labor Government refuses to sign up to and ratify the Treaty on the  Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons  (TPNW) because it prohibits “assisting in any way” the development , storage, deployment and use of nuclear weapons by other countries [61] (i.e. Australia’s  AUKUS alliance with the nuclear-armed UK and US, and its extensive military links to nuclear-armed Apartheid Israeli would have to cease).

(14). Racist and Anti-Arab anti-Semitic  Labor’s diplomatic and military support for Russia-invaded Ukraine is in stark contrast to its unforgivable support for Apartheid Israel’s 76-year and ongoing genocidal invasion and devastation of Palestine. Both the 2-year Russian occupation of  Ukraine and the 56-year Apartheid Israeli occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territories Palestine are wrong, violate international law, and have been hugely destructive.  However a racist and specifically anti-Arab anti-Semitic West (the US Alliance, NATO, the EU, and Labor-ruled Australia) utterly ignores the Israeli occupation and ethnic cleansing of Palestine while quite rightly condemning and sanctioning  Russia over its invasion of Ukraine. Historically Ukraine became part of the Russian Empire century under Catherine the Great who  consolidated Russian control over the Ukraine. In  1783 Crimea was annexed. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, in 1990 there was  declaration of sovereignty of the Ukraine, and in 1991 the Ukraine gained  independence as a  member of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). Despite close ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic similarities between Russia and Ukraine, relentless eastward US  pressure over 30 years culminated in a US-backed removal of a democratically-elected pro-Russian Ukrainian Government in 2014 to which Russia responded by annexing Russian-speaking Crimea and backing Russian-speaking rebellion in the Eastern Ukraine. The US-provoked but nevertheless war criminal Russian invasion in 2022 has been devastating for  Ukraine and also to the food-insecure  Global South [62]. 2 days after the ANZAC victory over the Muslim Turks of the peaceful, 4-century Ottoman Caliphate on 31 October 1917 the perfidious British dishonestly granted the ancient land of Palestine (inhabited  by Semitic Arab Palestinians for thousands of years) to genocidally racist and non-Semitic Ashkenazi Jewish Zionist settler-colonialists. As confirmed by DNA analysis, the demographically, politically and economically dominant Eastern European Ashkenazi Jews such as myself descend from non-Semitic Turkic Khazar converts to Judaism in the 9th century CE. In 1948 British-armed and British-trained Zionist terrorists seized 78% of Palestine and expelled 800,000 Palestinians or about 60% of the Indigenous population, killing 15,000 Palestinians in the process. A further 400,000 were expelled in the 1967 Naksa in which Apartheid Israel seized all of Palestine plus territory of all its neighbours [5-6], and now most of 2.3 million Palestinians in Gaza have been violently expelled from their homes by Labor-backed Jewish Israeli mass murderers of children [10, 63].

(15). Racist and mendacious Labor falsely supports “Israel’s right to self-defence” and falsely rejects  the right to self-defence of the cruelly subjugated Indigenous Palestinians. Perhaps the most critical Zionist/Western lies from a legal perspective are the false assertions that  “Palestinians do not have the right of (violent) resistance to Israeli Occupation” and that “Israel has a right to defend itself” (from Occupied Palestinians). The Preamble to Universal Declaration of Human Rights  [65] and Article 51 of the UN Charter [66] permit self-defence and rebellion by cruelly and oppressively occupied people such as the Occupied Palestinians and other colonial subjects. Zionist-subverted Labor falsely spouts the false narrative of the genocidally racist Jewish Israelis and defends belligerent war criminal Apartheid Israel’s non-existent “right to defend itself” while opposing the legitimate right of Indigenous Palestinians to resist invasion and genocide [63]. According to International law expert and UN Rapporteur for Palestinians, Professor Francesca Albanese, a belligerent occupying power (Apartheid Israel) has no right to self-defence in the territory it violently and illegally occupies (the Occupied Palestinian Territory) [64]. Conversely, as set out in the Preamble to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) [65] and the UN Charter [66], Occupied People (the Occupied Palestinians) are permitted to defend themselves from brutal and deadly occupation by a war criminal invader and oppressor (genocidally racist Apartheid Israel). 

(16). The Australian Labor Government  lies for Apartheid Israel in 15 key areas – “governments lie” but lying for an inimical foreign power is treason. On 29 February 2024 I sent the following Letter to major Australian media about Australian intelligence recently revealing that a non-identified  politician had betrayed Australia to a foreign power [67] (the Silence has been Deafening):  “It could only happen in look-the-other-way Australia – the nation’s politicians and media  disingenuously ask  who is this ASIO-asserted singular politician acting for another  country? As reported by Australian Mainstream media (a) shamefully  still-imprisoned world hero Julian Assange’s Wikileaks named  2 Labor MPs reporting on Labor caucus meetings to the US Embassy, (b) of the order of  1,000 Australian politicians, journalists and other  “influencers” have been given generous trips to Apartheid Israel so that support for this genocidal entity  and its fanatical supporters is now entrenched in Australia, and (c) leading politicians have gained lucrative jobs in retirement after enabling  acquisition of massive military contracts or strategic assets for foreign countries. Former  PMs  Malcolm Fraser and Paul Keating, and former FMs Bob Carr and Gareth Evans variously warned against such subversion of Australia. John Pilger exposed the US and  UK parties to the 1975 Coup. Of  5 huge, detailed and documented Submissions I made to the newly-formed Australian  NACC [National Anti-Corruption Commission]  one  may have survived rejection, namely a detailed account of the Australian Labor Government lying for Apartheid Israel.  “Governments lie” (famed anti-racist Jewish American journalist  I.F. Stone [68]) but lying and subversion for inimical foreign powers is treason.” My huge, detailed and documented Submission to the NACC is published here [69]).   

(17).The Zionist-subverted Australian Labor  Government refuses to recognize the State  of Palestine, supports Jewish Israeli Apartheid,  and falsely  delegitimizes Occupied Palestinian resistance fighters as non-state  “terrorists”. The major Palestinian resistance group Hamas overwhelmingly won the one and only Occupied Palestinian elections held under Zionazi guns in 2006. The US, Apartheid Israel, and the US Alliance including Australia promptly declared  Hamas to be a terrorist organization. The elected MPs were forced to flee to the Gaza Concentration Camp. Gaza has been cruelly besieged, blockaded and bombed for 2 decades to the extent that about 20% of the children are stunted by age 2. Thus WHO has revealed massive malnutrition of Gaza children “With stunting occurring in one fifth of boys and girls by 2 years of age” [70]. The pre-7 October  per capita  GDP was already a deadly $1,000 for Gazans as compared to the $55,500 for the Occupier Apartheid Israel  [70]. Conversely the Labor Government fervently supports the perpetrator Apartheid Israel that it falsely describes as a “democracy” when of its Indigenous Palestinian  Subjects (who represent 51% of Israeli Subjects despite a century-long Palestinian Genocide) about 73% cannot vote for the government ruling them (i.e. they are subject to egregious subject to Apartheid). 2 million Israeli Palestinians can vote for the government ruling them albeit as Third Class citizens under 65 Nazi-style, race-based discriminatory laws. Terrorism is as terrorism does. Thus 30 Israeli children were killed on 7 October (most very likely by indiscriminate IDF shelling and missile strikes) [11] whereas over 14,000 Palestinian children have been killed so far by Jewish Israelis in Gaza [10].   

(18). The  Labor  Government fervently and despicably supports Apartheid Israel and its past and present genocidal crimes by adopting the racist and fraudulent IHRA Definition of anti-Semitism. The IHRA Definition  of anti-Semitism is anti-Jewish anti-Semitic (by falsely defaming anti-racist Jewish humanitarians opposed to genocidally  racist Zionism),anti-Arab anti-Semitic (by falsely defaming anti-racist Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims opposed to Israeli Apartheid and the ongoing Palestinian Genocide) and near-comprehensively holocaust denying by ignoring all WW2 holocausts other than the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million Jews killed by Nazi Germany and its allies through  violence and deprivation) namely (people killed by violence and deprivation in brackets) the WW2  European Holocaust (30 million Slavs, Jews and Roma killed), the WW2 Chinese Holocaust (35-40 million Chinese killed under the Japanese, 1937-1945), the WW2 Bengali Holocaust (WW2 Indian Holocaust, WW2 Bengal Famine; 6-7 million Indians deliberately starved to death for strategic reasons by the British with food-denying Australian complicity), and the Polish Holocaust (6 million Poles killed by Nazi Germany). Indeed the IHRA Definition ignores about  70 other genocide and holocaust atrocities including 30 involving Australia) [32-36],  this making the IHRA the most egregious holocaust-ignoring organization in the world. Not surprisingly the IHRA has been condemned by scholars around the world and by over 40 anti-racist Jewish organizations [36].

(19). The anti-Arab Semitic and anti-Jewish anti-Semitic Australian Labor Government is complicit in the horrendous Jewish Israeli Gaza Genocide by fervently supporting and aiding Apartheid Israel, accepting the mendacious Jewish Israeli narrative and ignoring expert humane opinion from UNWRA to the US Vice-President. The Australian Labor Government could – but glaringly doesn’t – take advice from outstanding anti-racist Jewish Australian leaders and scholars (e.g. Australia’s first Australian-born governor-general Sir Isaac Isaacs,  and world-famous professors Peter Singer and Dennis Altman), global and Israeli human rights  groups (e.g. Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, Israeli B’Tselem), and from variously eminent and Nobel Prize-winning Jewish and non-Jewish lawyers, scholars and writers [1, 2, 50, 71-75]. However instead it blindly accepts the utterly false narrative of genocidally racist, egregiously mendacious and neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and its fanatical and neo-Nazi Zionist supporters around the  world (for an alphabetically-ordered  compilation of horrendously quotations from genocidally racist and egregiously mendacious Zionists of the kind that have the ear of the racist Australian Labor Government see [52]). The Labor Government has evilly subverted  public understanding of the horrendous Gaza Massacre and Gaza Genocide (100,000 Palestinians killed, missing or injured) by endless expressions of concern for overwhelmingly non-violent asserted “anti-semitism” in Australia.  Thus the fervently pro-Zionist 2023 Executive Council of Australian Jewry (ECAJ)  Report on Antisemitism in Australia found an average over the last 7 years of about 700 incidents each year  of which only 2% (14) incidents  involved physical violence each year  (no details given; see page 272 [76]). Contrast this repugnant but overwhelmingly non-violent anti-Jewish anti-Semitism in Australia with the Zionist-backed and Australian Labor Government-complicit Gaza Genocide (over 14,000 children killed, 100,000 Gazans killed, missing or injured, most of 2.3 million Gazans displaced from their homes and variously suffering starvation, dehydration, malnourishment and disease from deadly deprivation from requisite water, food, shelter, sanitation, medicine and medical care).

Here are just several examples of wonderful anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish scholars  resolutely ignored by the genocide-complicit, anti-Arab Semitic and anti-Jewish anti-Semitic Australian Labor Government:Moshe Menuhin (scholarly father of famed universalist, violinist and anti-Zionist Yehudi Menuhin): “Jews should be Jews, not Nazis”;  Naomi Klein (famed Canadian writer): “There is a debate among Jews – I’m a Jew by the way. The debate boils down to the question: “Never again to everyone, or never again to us?… [Some Jews] even think we get one get-away-with-genocide-free card…There is another strain in the Jewish tradition that say[s], ‘Never again to anyone””; Professor Bertell Ollman (NYU): “Yet, the facts on the ground, when not obscured by one or another Zionist rationalization, show that the Zionists are the worst anti-Semites in the world today, oppressing a Semitic people as no nation has done since the Nazis” [73]. A powerful further  example is of world-famous anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish  writers (half of them  Nobel laureates) commenting on genocidal Apartheid Israel is given by Tariq Ali, John Berger, Noam Chomsky, Eduardo Galeano, Naomi Klein, Harold Pinter, Arundhati Roy, José Saramago, and Howard Zinn on the occasion of the 2006 devastation of Gaza and Lebanon by the Apartheid Israeli military machine (2006): “Each provocation and counter-provocation is contested and preached over. But the subsequent arguments, accusations and vows, all serve as a distraction in order to divert world attention from a long-term military, economic and geographic practice whose political aim is nothing less than the liquidation of the Palestinian nation” [73, 74]. The Australian Labor Government ignores humane advice from the world’s greatest minds in favour of the racist and Orwellian fabrications of genocidally racist, egregiously mendacious and child-killing Apartheid Israel and its similarly unforgivable genocide-complicit Zionist and pro-Zionist supporters.

(20). The Labor Government endlessly espouses the “rules-based order” but fervently supports genocidal Apartheid Israel that rejects the ICJ ruling on genocide in Gaza and, like racist White Australia, violates numerous International laws and conventions. The Australian Labor Government despicably refused to support the South African complaint about the Jewish Israeli-imposed Palestinian Genocide to the International  Court of Justice (ICJ) [77] and as summarized above fervently  supports genocidally racist Apartheid Israel in numerous other ways. Apartheid Israel is in gross violation of Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention that unequivocally state that an Occupier is obliged to provide its conquered Subjects  with life-sustaining  food and medical services “to the fullest extent of the means available to it” [78]. Apartheid Israel has continuously for 76 years been  in gross violation of the UN Genocide Convention that defines genocide as “acts committed with intent to destroy” [79]. The long list of International laws and conventions grossly violated by Labor –backed Apartheid Israel include (1) the UN Charter, (2) the UN Conventionon the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (UN Genocide Convention), (3) the Rights of the Child Convention (United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child ), (4) the UN Refugee Convention ( UN Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees), (5) the Geneva Conventions, (6) the International Criminal Court, (7) the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People, (8) the International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid, (9) the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW, (10) International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, (11)  numerous UNGA and UNSC Resolutions, (12) the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, (13) the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, (14) the 1926 Slavery Convention or the Convention to Suppress the Slave Trade and Slavery, (15) 2015 Paris Climate Agreement,  (16) numerous UNGA and UNSC resolutions, and (17) the International Court of Justice. Labor-backed Apartheid Israel grossly violates  “Love thy neighbour as thyself” (the core humane “meme” of Humanity as asserted by the wonderful Palestinian humanitarian Jesus) and through its genocidal racism and egregious mendacity violates Kindness and Truth (that are the key imperatives of decent Humanity) (for details see [6]) .

Final comments and conclusions.

On Monday 4 March 2024 Mai Hamed (a Free Palestine Melbourne (FPM) activist involved in organizing huge (5,000-40,000 people) Sunday Rallies held every week in the Melbourne CBD at 12 noon at the State Library since 7 October 2023)  stated on prime-time nation-wide ABC TV: “As Palestinian Australians we have watched our families slaughtered and or communities decimated, and our people dehumanised. Our government has been complicit in this genocide. There have been 21 weeks’ worth of protest and actions across the nation. Australians have come out time and again saying they do not want to be complicit in Israel’s genocide and to call for a permanent ceasefire and end to the occupation” [80].

On the same day  the law firm Birchgrove Legal submitted a 92 page document endorsed by more than 100 Australian lawyers and barristers and referring the Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to the International  Criminal Court (ICC) as an “accessory to genocide in Gaza”. The Birchgrove Legal Media Release stated (5 March 2024): “Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has been referred to the International Criminal Court as an accessory to genocide in Gaza, making him the first leader of a Western nation to be referred to the ICC under Article 15 of the Rome Statute. A team of Australian lawyers from Birchgrove Legal, led by King’s Counsel Sheryn Omeri, have spent months documenting the alleged complicity and outlining the individual criminal responsibility of Mr Albanese in respect to the situation in Palestine. The 92-page document, which has been endorsed by more than one hundred Australian lawyers and barristers, was yesterday submitted to the Office of ICC Prosecutor, Karim Khan KC. The document sets out a number of actions taken by the PM and other ministers and members of parliament, including Foreign Minister Wong and the Leader of the Opposition, for the Prosecutor to consider and investigate” [81]. The full referral can be seen here:[82].

14 years ago I sent a detailed complaint to the ICC: “9 January 2010 Formal Complaint by Dr Gideon Polya to the International Criminal Court (ICC) re US Alliance Palestinian Genocide , Iraqi, Genocide, Afghan Genocide, Muslim Genocide, Aboriginal Genocide, Biofuel Genocide and Climate Genocide”[83]. It was ignored.

In addition to  making a detailed Submission to the National Anti-Corruption Commission about the Australian Labor Government lying for Apartheid Israel (that is possibly being considered by the NACC) [69] I made 4 further Submissions that were rejected by the NACC although they dealt with extremely important matters, namely Mainstream media lying [84], huge Carbon Debt [85], fraudulent university fees [86],  and Australian politician war crimes in Afghanistan through gross violation of Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention [87]. In the latter Submission I argued that the present Australian Labor Government and its Coalition and Labor  predecessors must be exposed for their war criminal and corrupt complicity in  what is a continuing Afghan Genocide and Afghan Holocaust associated with  massive loss of life (about 7 million deaths from violence and deprivation) that is presently greater than that of the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million deaths from violence and deprivation) [87]. Evidence has been obtained for about 39 unlawful killings of Afghans but the 6 million Afghan deaths from imposed deprivation due to politician violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention is 6,000,000/39 =154,000 times worse. Of course all war crimes should be thoroughly investigated and the perpetrators tried and punished, but in my opinion no Australian soldier should be tried for any of these 39 alleged unlawful killings before the politicians complicit in the 154,000 times greater war crime (the passive mass murder of 6,000,000 Afghans) are exposed and tried. Several highly-trained Australian veterans have privately agreed with me [87]. The same moral argument applies to Apartheid Israeli and pro-Apartheid Labor Government complicity in the worsening passive mass murder of Gazans through the horrendously imposed deprivation of life-sustaining  requisites.  

The World must urgently act to stop the Jewish Israeli-imposed active killing of Gazans (by bombs, bullets and missiles) and the looming massive passive killing (due to no proper  water, food, sanitation, shelter medicines or medical care). There must be an immediate and permanent ceasefire, with departure of the child-killing and 99% Jewish Israeli military (an end to the 56-year Occupation) to permit rapid restoration  of the life-sustaining basics of  water, food, sanitation, shelter, medicine and medical care. Expert  international forensic teams must be brought in to determine how the likely  scores of thousands of Palestinians have been killed, and  to permit properly-informed Nuremberg-style war crimes trials (criminals in absentia if need be) of Jewish Israeli war criminals and their collaborators, the munitions- and money-providing US,  and the Australian Labor Government (as set out in this analysis).

Decent people around the World must act by (a) informing everybody they can, (b) publicly exposing the mendacious and accordingly genocide-complicit  Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes  lying for Apartheid Israel , and (c) urging  and applying Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Jewish-ruled Apartheid Israel and all people, politicians, parties, collectives, companies and countries supporting this genocidal,  child-killing, neo-Nazi Apartheid  rogue state .

Australians must act likewise and punish the complicit politicians. The Far-Right Coalition don’t know any better and are in opposition, whereas Right-dominated Labor is in government and knows that mass murder of children is wrong. Even though Labor is slightly kinder to the disadvantaged than the fervently neoliberal Coalition it must be  punished for its complicity in this horrendous Gaza Massacre and Gaza Genocide. Decent and informed Australian voters have a dilemma –  Coalition  or Labor: who to put last in Australia’s  preferential voting system in which voters must  numerically indicate preferences for all candidates and the preferences are considered if a candidate fails to win 50% of the vote. What is clear is that the primary vote for the unforgivably genocide-complicit Labor and the even worse Coalition must plummet. Only the Greens and 3 Independents have voted for an immediate and permanent Ceasefire. The Coalition and Labor are complicit in the Gaza Genocide, are pro-Apartheid Israel and hence pro-Apartheid. They are thus utterly unfit for decent human company, public life and public office.  


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia over 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, notably a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds” (2003). He has also published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (2007, 2021), “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (1998, 2008, 2022), “US-imposed Post-9-11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” (2020), and “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” (2020), and contributed to Soren Korsgaard (editor) “The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published – Dangerous Deception Exposed!” (2020). For images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see: http://sites.google.com/site/artforpeaceplanetmotherchild/  .

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