Serial War Criminal, Sinophobic & US Lackey Australia Versus Peaceful, Anti-racist  & Industrious China

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China has conquered and incorporated 2  countries in the last millennium whereas Australians as UK and thence US lackeys have invaded 85 countries in the last 2 centuries. Yet Mainstream Australia hysterically  proclaims peaceful China (Australia’s  biggest trading partner) as a serious military threat to sovereignty and security in the Indo-Pacific. However careful quantitative comparisons reveal the utter falsity of these war-mongering and Sinophobic Australian claims.

The endlessly subverting, war mongering, and war-making US has been busy surrounding Russia and China with nuclear weapons-capable bases. Eminent expatriate Australian journalist and film maker John Pilger has interpreted  this threatening build-up as “The coming war on China” [1, 2].

To further that end the US  recently established the nuclear-armed Australia, UK and US (AUKUS) Alliance. Unlike the UK and the US, Australia does not actually possess nuclear weapons but will host nuclear armed US  B52 bombers and nuclear armed US and UK warships on a US “we will neither  confirm nor deny” basis.

The US has inveigled India and Japan into the merely consultative  but intrinsically anti-China Quad also involving the US and US lackey Australia. However India obviously wants peace and cooperation with China and indeed with everybody, is wary  of the US- and military-installed new Pakistani Government, and, like China, is neutral over Russia and the endlessly  US-provoked but nevertheless utterly awful and war criminal Russian  invasion of Ukraine.

A brief history of Australian-China relations

Racist White Australia has exhibited a deep and mindless hatred for non-Europeans including Chinese over the last 2 centuries, successively  through exclusion, persecution and expulsion during the mid-19th century gold rushes, participation in putting down the Boxer Rebellion in China [3],  exclusion from Australia  under the popularly-called White Australia Policy (1901-1974), exclusion of Chinese from jobs and trade unions (19th – 20th centuries),  pre-WW2 supply of pig iron to Japan as it was devastating China (1930s), post-WW2 participation in the US-led Korean War and UK-led war on communist rebels in Malaya, and participation in the Indo-China War  in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam on the asserted basis of defending Australia  by “forward defence” from the “Yellow Peril” and “Red Menace” of monolithic Chinese Communism according to an asserted  so-called “Domino Theory” i.e. first China, thence successively Vietnam, all of Indo-China,  Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia  and then finally White Australia [3].

Of course the simple reality of this sorry history was that White Australia was a loyal and violent  agent of the genocidally racist  and China-violating British  Empire  from 1788 until it became an instant and loyal ally of the US after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor (7 December 1941) and the fall of Singapore to Japan (15 February 1942). Australia participated in all post-1950 US Asian wars, atrocities associated with 40 million Asian deaths from violence and war-imposed deprivation [3-5].  The Right-Far Right Liberal Party-National Party Coalition (presently in Opposition) supported all these wars, but the Centre-Right Labor Party (presently in Government) supported all but the Vietnam War and the Iraq War. Australia followed the US and the West in sustained non-recognition and sanctioning of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) (the US-protected Chinese Nationalist military dictatorship on Taiwan absurdly represented China in the UN General Assembly and the UN Security Council until UNGA Resolution 2758 was passed in 1971 [6]). The sustained US and Western hostility to the PRC  from 1949 to 1971 contributed to 20-30 million Chinese avoidable deaths from deprivation in the 1958-1961 Great Leap Forward [3, 4].

However some key positive advances in Australia’s dealings with China  were (a) the Australian rejection in a 1951 Referendum of the proposed banning of the Communist Party,  (b) overwhelming support for a 1967 Referendum to count Indigenous Australians as citizens of Australia (i.e. recognition of some non-Europeans as human beings), (c) the globally pivotal 1971 visit to China by Labor Leader of the Opposition Gough Whitlam, and (d) globally pivotal diplomatic recognition of China  by the newly-elected Whitlam Labor Government in 1972. For various reasons the reformist Whitlam Labor Government was removed in a US- and UK-engineered  Coup on 11 November 1975 [1], but the US finally recognized the PRC in 1979 [3].

Since the 1970s China made huge strides economically and 800 million Chinese were brought out of deadly poverty. In 1600 – at the time of the formation of the East India Company that was to eventually ravage China and India in the 18th and 19th centuries [3, 4] –  China led the world in terms of its 34.6% share of global GDP [7-10].  After several centuries of foreign imperialist depredations this share dropped to 5.2% by 1952 and to 4.9% by 1978.  However in the last 4 decades this has increased enormously, reaching 18.2% by 2017 [10]. China’s GDP was  11% of that of the US in 1960, but this rose to 67% in 2019 [11]. It is predicted that China could exceed the US in GDP by 2050.

However therein lies the present serious problem for craven US lackey Australia. China has become Australia’s biggest trading partner but the US wants to remain dominating the world economically  as well as militarily. In the last decade Zionist-subverted, Zionist-perverted and craven lackey of Zionist-dominated America, Australia,  has been increasingly torn between the China trade that has made Australia exceptionally rich, and its cowardly, racist, thoughtless and unprincipled  support for nuclear terrorist and serial war criminal America that impoverishes Australia and makes Australia a prime nuclear target [13].

The US has invaded 72 countries (52 since WW2), has committed 469 invasions from 1798 onwards, committed 251 invasions since 1991, has 800 military bases in over 70 countries, actively spies on and subverts all countries, deceives, subverts and spies on  Australia, supplies raw intelligence on Australians to Apartheid Israel, and has been complicit in removal of 2 democratically-elected Australian governments [1, 3, 13].

Over the last decade successive  Coalition  Governments took racist White Australia’s  role  as US Deputy Sheriff  in Asia to new depths. It threw all diplomatic niceties to the wind and publicly attacked China in over a dozen areas ranging from human rights issues to the as yet unproven origin of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The Chinese Bear stirred at these pin pricks, slapped tariffs and bans on some Australian s imports, and issued a statement rebutting Australian allegations in 14 areas. Entrenched Sinophobia surged in Australia in the last decade with 3 prominent Labor  MPs variously publicly abused, persecuted, defamed, raided by the security services,  and forced from office for actually talking to Chinese or expressing opinions offending  the power-obsessed Americans or the traitorous racist Zionists who have subverted Australians, Australian institutions and Australia [14].

The Chinese in Australia have responded historically to White Australian racism by keeping a  low public profile. However the Chinese  became increasingly upset by the recent upsurge in flagrant Sinophobia. An otherwise laudably progressive  leading academic critic of Chinese “influence” outrageously asked: “What proportion of the one million [actually 1.4 million] Chinese-Australians are loyal to Beijing first and what proportion are loyal to Australia first?” and then outrageously gave  an estimate of “Around twenty to thirty percent [of Chinese Australians] who are loyal to Australia first. Few of them are willing to speak out because they fear retribution” [15].

The energetic and industrious Chinese are traditionally mostly conservative voters but it is surmised that they deserted the Right-Far Right Coalition in the May 2022 elections that returned a Centre-Right Labor to government after 10 years of corrupt, mendacious, racist and heartless conservative rule. However, as expected, the new Labor Government has reneged on key pre-election  Labor Party policies (e.g. recognition of the State of Palestine, signing and ratifying  the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons ( TPNW), and strong action of the existential threats from nuclear weapons, poverty and climate change). Indeed, rhetoric aside, the new Labor Government is following the previous Coalition Governments in its support of mining companies, fossil fuel exports, the rich, US imperialism, anti-China alliances, neo-Nazi Apartheid  Israel, gross human rights abuses, warmongering, and US and UK war industries.

The major novelty is that new Labor Government  is still spouting the American anti-China line but is attempting to do this in a more “polite” way than the utterly incompetent previous Coalition Government. China, which simply wants to get on with other countries, has rewarded the improved manners of the new Labor Government by lifting some trade bans.  Nevertheless the mendacious Australian Mainstream media, the Opposition and the new Labor Government still warn  about the “Chinese threat”, “Chinese influence”, “Chinese expansion”,  “Chinese military” etc. to back massive Australian  military expansion, most notably with the purchase of 8 variously UK or US nuclear-powered submarines for a cost approximating 40% of the Australian gross national debt of about A$1 trillion. These Sinophobic, US lackey and warmongering idiots are recklessly beating  the drum for a planet-destroying (terracidal) war against  a peaceful, powerful and nuclear-armed China  – utter lunacy.

Set out below is a quantitative comparison of the military threat to the circa 80 Indo-Pacific countries and the World from endlessly warmongering, serial war criminal and US lackey Australia versus that from remarkably peaceful, business-oriented and industrious China.

(1). Australia’s historical invasion of 85 other countries (China conquered and incorporated 2 contiguous countries in the last millennium). As a UK and thence a US lackey Australia has invaded 85 countries with 30 of these invasions being genocidal [3, 13, 16, 17]. Border spats aside (e.g. post-WW2 with India and Vietnam) China has invaded and incorporated by conquest merely 2 countries, Tibet in the 13th century (when England was conquering  Celtic Britain) and Xinjiang in the 18th century (when Great Britain was invading  nearly every country in the world) [3, 4].

(2). Australia’s current involvement in invasion of 6 other countries (no such war-making by China). Via the joint US-Australian electronic spying base at Pine Gap in Central Australia, Australia continues to be complicit in US drone strikes against 6 countries by providing targeting information. In the 21st century the US has been conducting Australia-targeted drone strikes against targets in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya [13, 18].

(3). Australia’s present military presence in 2 other countries (China has 3 confirmed foreign bases). Australia (population 26 million) : (1)  The RAAF uses the Butterworth base in Malaysia, (2)  an ADF infantry company is based there, and (3) the RAAF uses the Al Minhad Air Base in the UAE (United Arab Emirates). China (population 1,456 million) uses bases in  (1) Myanmar – Coco Islands (unconfirmed), (2) Cambodia – Ream Naval Base (unconfirmed), (3) Djibouti – People’s Liberation Army Support Base in Djibouti (to protect huge China-connecting shipping in the Red Sea), (4) Tajikistan – A military post in southeastern Gorno-Badakhshan, and (5) Pakistan – Chinese naval base at Gwadar [19].

(4). Australia’s historical involvement in 30 genocides (China’s involvement in none and its care for minorities). As a UK and thence a US lackey Australia has invaded and variously occupied 85 countries with 30 of these invasions being genocidal [13, 16, 17, 20]. The Australian  Aboriginal Genocide involved 0.1 million violent Indigenous deaths and about 2 million deaths from imposed dispossession, deprivation and disease. It is the very worst genocide in humanity from a qualitative perspective  because of about 350-700 Indigenous languages and dialects in 1788 only 120 survive today, and  all but 20 are endangered [21-26].

Through loyal connection to the British Empire Australians were complicit in the worst genocide in  human history from a quantitative perspective – the 2 century, British-imposed Indian Holocaust in which 1,800 million Indians died avoidably from imposed deprivation [3, 4, 27-33]. This 2-century carnage  commenced with the 1769-1770 Great Bengal  Famine (10 million deaths) and continued with shocking mass mortality up to the 1942-1945 Bengal Famine (WW2 Bengali Holocaust, WW2 Indian Holocaust; 6-7 million Indians deliberately starved to death for anti-Japan strategic reasons in Bengal, Bihar, Odisha and Assam by the British under Churchill with food-denying Australian complicity [3, 4, 27-33]). The British maintained power for 2 centuries in India  by keeping hundreds of millions of Indians  at the edge of survival with the help of well-fed Indian soldiers (sepoys). The perpetrator of the WW2 Bengali Holocaust, Winston  Churchill, deleted any mention of this atrocity from his 1953 Nobel Prize-winning, 6-volume “The Second World War” but is perhaps the only British leader to have confessed to the underlying and genocidal 2-century reality of starving India, specifically in speech to the House of Commons in 1935:In the standard of life they have nothing to spare. The slightest fall from the present standard of life in India means slow starvation, and the actual squeezing out of life, not only of millions but of scores of millions of people, who have come into the world at your invitation and under the shield and protection of British power[4]. The horrendous WW2 Bengali Holocaust commenced 7 years later.

Border spats aside, China has invaded and incorporated  2 countries over the last millennium and,  notwithstanding utterly false assertions to the contrary from the genocidal Americans and Australians, has given special treatment to its minorities. China can be criticized for heavy handed treatment of dissidents and in particular of Uyghurs to counter US-backed insurgency and terrorism, but  a Uyghur Genocide” it certainly is not – there has been no killing, and key health parameters in Xinjiang are vastly better than in war criminally US- and Australian-occupied Afghanistan [34]. Search the Australian ABC News for “Uyghur Genocide” you get a result for the US-concocted lie (the health outcomes in Xinjiang are excellent) whereas a Search for “Afghan Genocide” yields  zero results (despite 6 million Afghan avoidable deaths from deprivation under war criminal US and Australian occupation) [5].

(5). Australia’s repugnant and massive holocaust denial (China’s pluralist Communism is a response to  horrendous  genocidal imperialism by the West and Japan). Racist White Australia played a key part in the WW2 Bengali Holocaust but has deleted it from history and public perception. Thus a Search of the ABC (Australia’s equivalent of the mendacious UK BBC) for “Indian Holocaust” and “Bengali Holocaust” yields zero (0) results. The world has seen some 70 genocide and holocaust atrocities but the ABC ignores nearly all of them. In particular racist White Australian Mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes while rightly acknowledging  the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million deaths) do so falsely as “The Holocaust” , ignoring some 70 other genocides and holocausts, and in particular all other WW2 Holocausts, this including (deaths in brackets) the WW2 Soviet  Holocaust (27 million), WW2 Polish Holocaust (6 million), WW2 Chinese Holocaust (35-40 million), and the WW2  Indian Holocaust (6-7 million). Australia was complicit in the US-imposed, post-9/11 Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide in which 32 million Muslims died from violence (5 million) and imposed deprivation (27 million) in 20 countries invaded by the US Alliance since the US Government’s 9/11 false flag atrocity that killed 3,000 people mostly Americans [5, 36, 37]. Mainstream Australian journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes have an entrenched culture of egregious lying by omission and Orwellian falsehood [38, 39].

In stark contrast to  the continuing,  repugnant and near-comprehensive holocaust denial of racist White Australia, China recognises the immense crimes committed by  all imperialist  powers, including  the West-ignored WW2 Chinese Holocaust  (35-40 million Chinese killed under the Japanese in 1937-1945) [3].

(6). Australia’s involvement in genocidal ethnocide (China protects its minorities). Racist White Australia’s 235 year and ongoing  Australian Aboriginal Ethnocide is the worst  ethnocide in human history – of about 350-700 Indigenous languages and dialects in 1788 only 120 survive today with all but 20 endangered [21-26].This cultural genocide through language extinction is continuing today through (a) continuing massive Indigenous child removal from their mothers at a record high rate, (b) deadly discouragement of Indigenous People living on their traditional lands, and (c) discouragement of bilingual education [21, 23]. In stark contrast, China has active policies to support its diverse minorities [34, 41] and indeed to encourage ethnic minority tourism [40].

(7). Australia’s violation of all 80 Indo-Pacific countries in the last 80  years (border spats aside, China has only invaded and incorporated 2 countries in the last millennium). Australia has formed the anti-China AUKUS (Australia, UK and US) and Quad (Australia, India, US and Japan) Alliances to contain a supposedly aggressive China. As a UK lackey and thence as a US lackey Australia has had an appalling record of various complicity in the subversion, invasion, occupation, covert regime change (8 instances) and climate change devastation of all  circa 80 countries in the Indo-Pacific region [42, 43]. Australia is committed to over 100 new coal and gas extraction projects [44], is among world leaders in 16 areas of climate criminality, is worst in the world for climate change policy, and with 0.33% of the global population has Domestic and Exported greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution that is 5.4% of the World’s total [42-50]. As a US lackey Australia is deeply complicit in UK and US nuclear terrorism [13, 50, 51]. China has nuclear weapons but has not invaded any country in the last 80 years, and has conquered and incorporated only 2 in the last millennium [3].

(8). Australia has been involved as a US lackey in numerous 21st century invasions and genocides (China has been involved in no such atrocities). In the 21st century Australia has been variously involved militarily in various horrendous US invasions (Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, and  Somalia) and through the joint US-Australia Pine Gap electronic spying base continues to target US drone strikes against targets in Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya [13, 18]. Border spats aside, China has not been involved in any such invasions in the 21st century.

(9). Territorial acquisition – Australia backs US and Israeli occupation of populated lands but condemns China bases on uninhabited reefs. Australia does not condemn US occupation of territory in Somalia, Syria, Iraq, Diego Garcia (legally part of a still-protesting Mauritius) and presumably supports these continuing occupations of territory in populated countries (Diego Garcia has been totally ethnically cleansed by the US and UK and is used to spread devastation in Africa and Asia) [42, 43]. Australia has not signed a Treaty with any of the 120 surviving   Indigenous  Australian Nations [20-26]. Serial war criminal Australia supports continued US occupation in other countries.  While Australia rightly condemns  the war criminal Russian invasion, devastation and occupation  of Ukrainian territory in the last 2 years, it refuses to condemn the 75 year genocidal Apartheid Israeli  invasion, devastation, occupation and ethnic cleansing  of Palestinian territory, In stark contrast, racist and Sinophobic Australia continues to condemn China for making China- and China trade-protecting bases on uninhabited reefs in the South China Sea (named as such because it borders South China and not Australia or California). As a US lackey Australia provocatively uses warplanes and warships to “test” these China installations. China is severely threatened by a hostile and encircling nuclear-armed US presence [1, 2], and China’s massive sea trade is threatened  by a war-like and serial war criminal US Alliance that is a regularly a law unto itself.

(10). Australia’s deadly censorship: silence kills and silence is complicity (China also censors media). China is rightly criticized for media censorship (notably in Hong Kong) and is particularly criticized  over this by Mainstream Western media and politicians. Humanity has suffered about 70 genocides and holocausts (for details see  [3, 4]).  However while Australia endlessly proclaims its “freedom of the press” in horrible actuality this means “freedom of the press to egregiously lie”. Thus Searches of  the mendacious and racist Australian ABC News for key life and death terms yield the following results (given in brackets): “Aboriginal Genocide” (1), “Uyghur Genocide”(1; actually an egregious  US lie), “Bosnian Genocide” (2), Cambodian Genocide” (3), “Jewish Holocaust” (8), “Armenian Genocide” (21), Rwandan Genocide” (37), and “The Holocaust” (165;  the genocide-and holocaust-denying Zionist description of the WW2 Jewish Holocaust). However Searches of the ABC News for the remainder of 70 genocides and holocausts yield zero (0) results, most outrageously for the following Australia-complicit atrocities (dates and deaths in brackets): for “Afghan Holocaust” (2001-, 7 million), “Bengali Holocaust” and   “Indian Holocaust” (1942-1945, 6-7 million), “Iraqi Holocaust” 1990-, 5 million), “Muslim Holocaust” (2001 – , 32 million), Syrian Holocaust” (2012-, 1 million), and “Somali Holocaust” (1992-, 2 million) [3-5].

Australia’s  ABC is revealed as a mendacious, racist, genocide-ignoring and holocaust-ignoring organization. Of course genocide-ignoring and holocaust-ignoring are far, far worse than repugnant genocide denial and holocaust denial because the latter can at least admit public refutation and public debate. China has reported but Australia has ignored the WW2 Chinese Holocaust (35- 40 million dead).

(11). Australia’s human rights record versus China’s. Australia is peaceful and  rich with a  flawed multi-party democracy (see #17 below) with the rule of law. For Australians with high personal freedom, decent income, decent housing and universal security in relation to health, education, transport and other vital services Australia is a great place to live. However the egalitarian Australian dream is faltering in the face of huge and rising wealth inequality, poverty, and acute economic stress. The awful conditions suffered by many Indigenous Australians (3.5% of the population) are increasing in non-Indigenous Australia. Thus of Australia’s 26 million people, 1 in 8 (13.4%; 3,319,000 people) live in poverty  and 1 in 6 children (16.6%; 761,000) live in poverty [52]. “Avoidable deaths per million of total population per year” was 9.1 times greater for the horribly deprived and subjugated  Occupied Palestinians than for Occupier Apartheid Israel, but 26.8 times greater for Indigenous Australians than for Australia as a whole [53]. About 100,000 Australians die preventably each year  from “lifestyle choice” and “political choice” reasons [54].

Australia continually berates China over asserted human rights violations. Indeed China can be legitimately criticized for being a one-party state, constraints on free speech, judicial abuses, the death penalty, harsh treatment  of dissidents (notably in Hong Kong and Xinjiang), and insufficient government accountability. Hopefully China that has made such enormous progress  in so many areas  will also  make more progress on individual human rights and free expression, noting that societal  advance  (like scientific advance and biological evolution)  involves useful selection from diversity. However the most fundamental right is the right to life and to a decent and dignified life. China has made huge advances in this area, bringing 800 million people out of dire and deadly poverty. In 2020 the  “under-5 infant mortality as a percentage of population”  was 0.0124% for China as compared to the similar 0.0084% for the US despite the per capita GDP being only $10,000 for China and $65,000 for the US [3].

Australia is becoming a much more authoritarian and human rights-abusing state. Refugees arriving in Australia by boat are highly abusively and indefinitely incarcerated in off-shore concentration camps without charge or trial. While donations to assist the ongoing Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestine are tax deductible, people donating money for Gaza or West Bank orphans could face lengthy imprisonment of up to life imprisonment. Indeed  while only 4 Australians have ever been killed by jihadi terrorists in Australia (versus about 80 Australian women murdered by their partners each year), under Australia’s draconian “anti-terror laws” people (especially non-Europeans and Muslims) could face lengthy imprisonment of up to life imprisonment for thinking, reading or supporting things the Australia Government doesn’t like. The popularly-supported self-determination and national resistance groups Hamas (Palestine) and Hezbollah (Lebanon) have been listed by racist and anti-Arab anti-Semitic Australia as proscribed “terrorist organizations”.  The Australian Labor Government now proposes lengthy custodial punishment for showing  the swastika (the repugnant Nazi symbol) or the ISIS flag (law-abiding Muslims protesting the latter move because so doing it prohibits a sacred Muslim text). What’s next? Banning the Japanese flag (for 35-40 million Chinese killed in WW2) [3, 4],  banning the British Union Jack (for centuries of genocidal British imperialism and colonialism)?

Eminent Australian human rights lawyer Professor Gillian Triggs famously declared that “[The Australian Coalition Government] is ideologically opposed to human rights” [55]. Rhetoric aside, the same applies to the present Australian Labor Government which is presently applying political censorship in the interests of serial war criminal America and neo-Nazi Apartheid  Israel (see below). Australia is a member of the anti-Jewish anti-Semitic, anti-Arab anti-Semitic and holocaust-ignoring Zionist International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) that is falsely defaming and threatening anti-racist critics of Apartheid Israeli crimes.

(12). Australian complicity in the ongoing Palestinian Genocide and Palestinian human rights (China supports Palestinian human rights) . The century-long, UK-imposed, thence US-backed, and ongoing Palestinian Genocide has been associated with 0.1 million violent deaths and about 2 million avoidable deaths from imposed deprivation, the killing of 10% of the adult male Palestinian population in the 1930s Arab revolt, successive mass population expulsions (800,000 or about 60% of the then 4-fold majority Indigenous Palestinian population in the 1948 Nakba or Catastrophe and a further 400,000 in the 1967 Naksa or Setback), and ethnic cleansing of 90% of Palestine (this making the still disingenuously West-backed  “2 state solution” impossible).

The 15.5 million mostly impoverished Indigenous Palestinians today comprise (a) 8 million Exiled Palestinians (prevented by neo-Nazi  Apartheid Israel in gross violation of International Law from returning to their homeland, Palestine,  continuously inhabited by their Semitic Indigenous Palestinian forebears for over 3 millennia); (b) 5.5 million  Occupied Palestinians (highly abusively confined for 56 years under brutal foreign  military rule without the human rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) to ever-dwindling West Bank ghettoes (5.3 million) or to the blockaded and bombed Gaza Concentration Camp (2.2 million), and with a per capita GDP of a deadly $3,500 as compared to $55,500 for the Occupier, neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel); and (c) 2.0 million Israeli Palestinians (unlike the Occupied Palestinians able to vote for the government ruling them albeit as Third Class citizens under 60 race-based, Nazi-style laws).

Despite a century-long and continuing Palestinian Genocide the 7.5 million  Indigenous Palestinian Subjects of Apartheid Israel represent over 50% of the Apartheid Israeli Subjects but 73% of them – the 5.5 million Occupied Palestinians – are prevented  from voting for the government ruling them i.e. they are subject to egregious Apartheid as perceived by anti-racist scholars, leading international human rights organizations Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as well as by Palestinian and Israeli human rights groups including al-Haq, Yesh Din and B’Tselem.

Ignorance is no excuse in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Age. Any Australian citizen or MP denying these appalling neo-Nazi Apartheid Israeli realities is a Racist and a Liar and is thus egregiously violating the core human ethos of Kindness and Truth, and utterly unfit for public life in a decent anti-racist democracy.

As a UK and thence US lackey racist White Australia  has supported the century long Zionist  colonization and ethnic cleansing  of Palestine. The British attacked the Ottoman Empire in WW2, invading Iraq in 1914 for oil and hegemony, dividing up the Arab World with France by the 1916 Sykes-Picot Agreement, and handing  Semitic Palestine to the genocidally racist, non-Semitic Ashkenazi Jewish Zionists  by the Balfour Declaration on 2 November 1917,  just 2 days  after the Australian Light Horse defeated the Turks at Beersheba  in southern Palestine [56, 57]. As a fervent lackey of Zionist-subverted America, Australia is second only to the US as a supporter of neo-Nazi  Apartheid Israel and hence of the utterly vile crime of neo-Nazi Apartheid that is condemned by the “International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid” [58, 59]. One notes that in a bizarre paradox, 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and of the 1948 launch of neo-Nazi Apartheid in South Africa (many of its racist proponents  were imprisoned as Nazi sympathizers in WW2) and of genocidally racist Apartheid  Israel in Palestine.  Numerous eminent anti-racist Jewish and non-Jewish scholars, writers and leaders around the world condemn Israeli Apartheid [60-63]. Indeed the founder of South African Apartheid, neo-Nazi Dr Hendrik Verwoerd, declared in 1961 thatIsrael, like South Africa, is an apartheid state[62].

Australia is second only to the US as a fervent supporter of neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel and hence of the vile crime of neo-Nazi Apartheid that is condemned by International Law. The horrible reality is that Zionism is genocidal racism and Nazism without gas chambers but with huge high technology armed forces and 90 nuclear weapons. In stark contrast to neo-Nazi Apartheid Israel- supporting,  hence neo-Nazi Apartheid-supporting and hence neo-Nazi  Australia, China unequivocally supports Palestinian human rights and self-determination.President Xi Jinping: “It is not possible to continue the historical injustice suffered by the Palestinians…[grant Palestine] full membership in the United Nations…  [Beijing] supports the two-state solution and the establishment of a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital” [64].

Decent exceptions to Mainstream Australia’s support for Apartheid Israel and hence the vile crime of Apartheid are the Australian Greens (15% of the voters)  and the Australians Socialists (1%) who are clear in their support for Palestinian human rights, Palestinian freedom, Palestinian self-determination, and Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Apartheid Israel and corporations and governments complicit in Apartheid Israeli crimes [66]. The present Australian Labor Government betrays Palestinian human rights and Humanity in scores of ways [67].

(13). Rhetoric aside, a racist White Australia continues to have a dirty record in relation to  racism (China opposes imperialism, colonialism, Apartheid and  racism). Australia has improved from its 2-century racist White Australia position that started to seriously falter in the 1960s (notably with the 1967 Referendum that enabled Indigenous Australians to actually be counted) and in the early 1970s  with the Whitlam Labor Government recognizing China, abolishing the White Australia Policy in 1974, and passing the 1975 anti-racism legislation [3, 4]. However Australia remains a land of lies and slies (spin-based untruths), and the “woke” , politically correct  rhetoric of today hides huge Australian Government crimes and entrenched  politically correct racism (PC racism). Thus for all that Australia is an ostensible democracy, while Australia is 76% “White” and 24% “non-White”,  95% of executive positions in big business, universities and government are held by “Whites” and only 5% by “non-Whites” [68, 69]. In contrast China opposes imperialism, colonialism, Apartheid and  racism. China, India and Indonesia led the non-aligned world in opposing Apartheid [3].

(14). Australia is among world leaders in deadly and terracidal climate criminality (China leads the world in uptake of renewable energy). The key existential threats to Humanity are nuclear weapons and climate change.  One of Humanity’s greatest minds, Stephen Hawking, has statedWe see great peril if governments and societies do not take action now to render nuclear weapons obsolete and to prevent further climate change” [70]. The Paris Conference global warming limit of plus 1.5C will shortly be exceeded and remorselessly increasing greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution at record rates means that a catastrophic plus 2C is essentially unavoidable. In the absence of requisite action 10 billion people will die in a worsening Climate Genocide en route to a sustainable human population of only 1 billion in 2100, with Australia playing a huge role in this terminal disaster  [44-50, 70-80].

In Humanity’s present slow-motion suicide the World resolutely ignores the immense and ever-increasing Carbon Debt due to fossil fuel exploitation. In particular the inescapable  Carbon Debt from gas exploitation alone is increasing annually by $3.0 trillion for the World and by $118 billion for climate criminal Australia, or by about 3.1% and 7.6%, respectively, of the GDP of $96.5 trillion and $1.55 trillion for the World and Australia, respectively. Australia is among world leaders for climate criminality in 16 areas, is the worst in the world for climate policy, and while having 0.33% of the world’s population its huge Domestic and Exported GHG pollution is 5.4% of the World’s total GHG pollution [75].

The inescapable Carbon Debt of the World is about $200-250 trillion and is increasing at about $12 trillion each year. For climate criminal Australia the total Carbon Debt is $5 trillion and is increasing annually at about $0.664 trillion. Proper accounting for Carbon Debt due to gas exploitation reveals that for the World the annual Carbon Debt from gas of $3.0 trillion is 25.9% of the total annual Carbon Debt of $11.6 trillion,  and is 3.1% of the World GDP of $96.5 trillion. For climate criminal Australia the annual increase in Australia’s Carbon Debt from gas of $117.7 billion is  17.7% of Australia’s total annual Carbon Debt of $664 billion and is 7.6% of Australia’s GDP of $1,553 billion [75].

Yet the climate criminal Australian Labor Government in its recent 2023 Budget announcement made a big song and dance about intending over the next 4 years to extract only A$0.6 billion per year from the highly polluting gas export industry or a mere  A$0.6 billion x 100/ A$130.0 billion = 0.5% of the annual damage-related cost of the LNG exports (1 A$ = 0.67 US$)[75]. Compounding this terracidal criminality the Australian Labor Government proposes  to approve  over 100 new coal and gas projects [44, 75, 78]. The disproportionate climate criminality of Australia (that is among world leaders in exporting GHG pollution) is revealed by the following key statistics: total  annual Carbon Debt as a percentage of GDP is 12.0% for the World but 42.8% for Australia [75].

In stark contrast to climate criminal and terracidal Australia, China leads the world in uptake of renewable energy [81].

(15). Australia has no nuclear weapons but is deeply complicit in US nuclear terrorism (China has nuclear weapons). Nuclear weapons existentially threaten Humanity and the Biosphere [5, 70-75]. China is acutely threatened by aggressive and serial war criminal and nuclear-armed America, and accordingly developed a nuclear deterrent. Australia is not threatened by anyone and does not have to be a nuclear weapons target. However successive US lackey Australian Coalition and Labor  Governments  have tightly linked Australia to US nuclear terrorism. Australian Labor Party policy is for Australia to sign and ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons  (TPNW). However once elected the cowardly and unprincipled  new Labor Government  reneged on this major  pre-election promise, rejecting Labor Party Policy, and deferring to the advice from the nuclear terrorist states of the US, UK and Apartheid Israel [67].  Australia has been locked into UK and US nuclear  militarism via  the new Australia, UK and US (AUKUS) Alliance and committing A360 billion for 8 nuclear-powered submarines. It is very likely  that before they are delivered these submarines will be AI-detectable White Elephants. To put  this traitorous lunacy into context, it makes Australia a prime target in any escalating nuclear exchange [13, 67], Australia’s GDP is $1,553 billion, and 100,000 Australians die preventably each year  from “life-style choices” and “political choice” reasons [54].

(16). As a US lackey Australia has been party to 8 regime changes in the region (China has caused no regime change). Australians have been involved with the US in  covert subversion of many Indo-Pacific countries, and were successful in achieving regime change in 8 instances, namely in Laos (1960), Indonesia (1965), Cambodia (1970), Chile (1973), Australia (1975), Fiji (1987), Fiji (2000), and Australia (2010) (the latter 3 also involving Apartheid Israel). Australia is second only to the US as a fervent supporter of nuclear terrorist, genocidally racist, grossly human rights-abusing and globally subversive Apartheid Israel, and hence of Apartheid [4, 43]. China respect national sovereignty and has been involved in no such criminal subversion and regime change. However the mendacious Australian mainstream journalist, editor, politician, academic and commentariat presstitutes wax hysterically about a supposed Chinese “threat” to  national sovereignty, especially in the South Pacific.

(17). Australian multi-party democracy (one-party China). Australia is formally a multi-party democracy with the rule of law, but in reality is a kleptocracy, plutocracy, Murdochracy, corporatocracy, lobbyocracy and dollarocracy  in which Big Money buys votes, political power and hence more private profit. The law is made by the rich for the rich. Huge and increasing wealth inequity in Australia and the West  is  bad for democracy (Big Money buys votes) and bad for economics (the poor cannot buy the goods and services they produce) [82, 83]. 3 yearly Federal elections simply involve election to government of  the Right-Far Right Coalition or  the Centre-Right Labor which when in power is much the same  as the Coalition (but more competent and kinder to the poor). The Coalition and Labor have the same cowardly and unprincipled commitment to neoliberalism, the rich, wealth inequity, genocidally racist Apartheid Israel, climate criminality, and serial war criminal America.

Democracy is fundamentally about expression of the will of the people. The fundamental wishes of ordinary people are peace, security, a long and healthy life for oneself and one’s descendants, and good housing, health, education, infrastructure and governance. One-party China has taken 800 million people out of dire poverty and has met these fundamental  wishes of the Chinese people [3]. However the price has been limitations on individual free expression.

(18). Australian governments are complicit in huge war crimes in the US-imposed Muslim  Holocaust (China not involved in wars). On 4 May 2023 I sent a detailed  and documented Open Letter to Australian MPs re Australian war crimes that said in part: “The huge avoidable deaths from US Alliance-imposed deprivation of Occupied Iraqis (4 million) and Occupied Afghans (6 million) is evidence of gross US Alliance violation of Articles 55 and 56 of the Fourth Geneva Convention (the Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War) that state unequivocally that an Occupier must provide its conquered Subjects with life-preserving food and medical requisites “to the fullest extent of the means available to it”. Australian soldiers are alleged to have been involved in 39 unlawful  killings in Afghanistan whereas the politicians who sent them there are complicit in the passive mass murder of 6 million Afghans, a 6 million/39 = 154,000 times worse crime. All war crimes should be properly investigated and all those responsible must  held to account, including politicians for grossly violating the Fourth Geneva Convention in passive mass murder of millions of Iraqis and Afghans. Indeed these politicians should be arraigned for horrendous passive mass murder before any Australian or US Alliance soldiers are indicted for unlawful killings of individual Iraqis and Afghans” [51]. Border spats and the Korean War aside, China has not been involved in wars and hence has not been committing war crimes.

(19). Quantitative comparison  of Australia, China and other major countries for militarization (for detailed documentation see [84]).

(a). Business Insider India on some overall, multifactorial assessment basis ranks Australia #15 as compared to  China #3: Thus (2020 population in millions, m, in brackets): (1) US (331.0 m), (2) Russia (145.9 m), (3) China (1,439.3 m), (4) Japan (126.5 m), (5) India (1,389.0 m), (6) France (65.3 m), (7) South Korea (51.3 m), (8) Italy (60.5 m) , (9) UK (67.9 m), (10) Turkiye (84.3 m), (11) Pakistan (220.9 m), (12) Egypt (102.3 m), (13) Taiwan (23.8 m), (14) Apartheid Israel (6.9 m non-Palestinians), (15) Australia (25.5 m), (16) Thailand (69.8 m), (17) Poland (37.8 m), (18) Germany (83.8 m), (19) Indonesia (273.5m), and (20) Canada (37.7 m).

(b). Per capita militarization ranking yields Australia #2 compared to China #20: (1) Apartheid Israel (2.0290), (2) Australia (0.5882), (3) Taiwan (0.5462), (4) Canada (0.5305), (5) Poland (0.4497), (6) Thailand (0.2292),  (7) Germany (0.2148), (8) South Korea (0.1365), (9) UK (0.1325), (10) Italy (0.1322), (11) Turkiye (0.1186), (12) Egypt (0.1173), (13) France (0.0919), (14) Indonesia (0.0695), (15) Pakistan (0.0498), (16) Japan (0.0316),  (17) Russia (0.0137), (18) India (0.0036), (19) US (0.0030), and (20) China (0.0021).

(c).  Military expenditure in “US$ billions per million of population” ranks Australia #4 as compared to China #15: (1) Apartheid Israel 2.46, (2) US 1.82, (3) South Korea 1.21, (4) Australia 1.02, (5) France 0.95, (6) UK 0.89, (7) Russia  0.58, (8) Italy 0.56, (9) Germany 0.48, (10) Taiwan 0.45, (11) Canada 0.42, (12) Japan 0.33, (13) Poland  0.25, (14) Turkiye 0.22, (15) China 0.15, (16) North Korea 0.12 , (17) Thailand 0.077, (18) Egypt 0.043, (19) India 0.036, (20) Pakistan 0.032, and (21) Indonesia 0.025.

(d). Assessment as  “Frontline forces per million of population” ranks Australia #15 compared to China #20: (1) North Korea 49,653, (2) Apartheid Israel 23,188, (3) Taiwan 12,185, (4) South Korea 12,173, (5) Italy 5,289, (6) Russia 5,521, (7) Turkiye 4,870, (8) Egypt 4,580, (9) Thailand 4,384, (10) US 4,230, (11) Poland 3,175, (12) France 3,105, (13) Pakistan 2,793, (14) Canada 2,440, (15) Australia 2,275, (16) UK 2,165, (17) Germany 2,137, (18) Japan 1,954, (19) Indonesia 1,740), (20) China 1,621, and (21) India 960.

(e). Assessment as “Reservists per million of population” ranks Australia #30 just behind China #29: (1) Finland 162,426, (2) Apartheid Israel 67,391, (3) South Korea 53,606, (4) Belarus 36,485, (5) Vietnam 30,820, (6) North Korea 23,275, (7) Ukraine 22,866, (8) Greece 21,634, (9) Austria 13,946, (10) Iraq 13,748, (11) Russia 13,708, (12) Taiwan 9,706, (13) Switzerland 9,243, (14) Norway 7,379, (15) Jordan 6,370, (16) Poland 6,349, (17) Brazil 6,304, (18) Egypt 4,682, (19) Iran 4,167, (20) Sweden 3,070, (21) Romania 2,755, (22) Pakistan 2,490,  (23) US 2,415, (24) Turkiye 2,372,  (25) France 2,160, (26) Hungary 2,070, (27) Malaysia 1,594, (28) Indonesia 1,463, (29) China 1,390, (30) Australia 1,166, (31) Canada 716, (32) Philippines 639, (33) India 580, (34) UK 545, (35) Japan 443, (36) Netherlands 381, (37) Germany 346, (38) Italy 302, (39) Venezuela 281, (40) Spain 197.

(f).  Assessment as “Submarines per million of population” ranks Australia #5 compared to China #15: (1) North Korea 64-86/25,799 m = 2.483-3.336, (2) Israel 5/ 6.9 m = 0.725, (3) Russia 55/ 145.9 m = 0.377, (4) South Korea 13/ 51.3 m = 0.253, (5) Australia  6/ 25.5 m = 0.235, (6) US 72/ 33.0 m = 0.218, (7) Taiwan 4/ 23.8 m = 0.168, (8) Turkiye 13/ 84.3m = 0.154, (9) France 10/ 65.3 m = 0.153, (10) UK 10/ 67.9 m = 0.147, (11) Poland 5/ 37.8 m = 0.132, (12) Canada 4/ 37.7 m = 0.106, (13) Italy 6/ 60.5 m = 0.099, (14) Germany 4/ 83.8 m = 0.048. (15) China 67/ 1,439.3 m = 0.047, (16) Egypt 4/ 102.3 m = 0.039. (17) Pakistan 8/ 220.9 m = 0.036. (18) Japan 16/ 126.5 m = 0.014, (19) India 15/ 1,380.0 m = 0.011, (20) Indonesia 2/ 273.5 m = 0.007, (21) Thailand 0 submarines [1, 2].

(g). Assessment as “Tanks per million of population” ranks Australia #20 compared to China #14: (1) Apartheid Israel 604.3, (2) North Korea 257.8,  (3) Russia 105.5, (4) Taiwan 84.2, (5) Egypt 45.2, (6) Turkey 44.8, (7) South Korea 41.7, (8) US 26.73, (9) Poland 26.7, (10) Pakistan 13.2, (11) Thailand 10.3, (12) Italy 9.7, (13) France 6.5, (14) China 6.4, (15) UK 6.0, (16) Japan 5.4, (17) Germany 4.9, (18) Canada 4.8, (19) India 4.7, (20) Australia 2.3, (21) Indonesia 1.7.

(h). Assessment as “Warplanes per million of population” ranks Australia #18 compared to  China #19: (1) Apartheid Israel 99.1, (2) US 42.0, (3) North Korea 36.9, (4) Taiwan 33.8, (5) South Korea 27.5, (6) Russia 23.5, (7) France 19.5, (8) UK 13.8, (9) Pakistan 13.2, (10) Japan 12.8, (11) Italy 12.6, (12) Poland 12.4, (13) Turkey 12.1, (14) Canada 11.1, (15) Egypt 10.8, (16) Thailand 8.2, (17) Germany 7.9, (18) Australia 4.0, (19) China 2.0, (20) Indonesia 1.5, (21) India 1.4.

(i). Assessment in order of total nuclear weapons ranks China #3 (Australia is deeply complicit in US nuclear terrorism but does not possess nuclear weapons):  (1) Russia 5,977 (145.934 m), (2) US 5,428 (331.003 m), (3) China 350 (1,439.324 m), (4) France 290 (65.274 m), (5) UK 225 (67.886 m), (6) Pakistan 165 (220.892 m), (7) India 160 (1,80.004), (8) Apartheid Israel 90 (6.9 m non-Palestinians), (9) North Korea 20-43 (25.779 m). Australia does not have nuclear weapons but hosts likely nuclear-armed US B52 bombers and ships.

(j) Assessment in order of “Nuclear weapons per million of population” ranks China #8 out of 9 nuclear-armed states (Australia is deeply complicit in US nuclear terrorism but does not possess nuclear weapons): (1) Russia 40.96, (2) US 16.40, (3) Apartheid Israel 13.00, (4) France 4.44, (5) UK 3.31, (6) North Korea 0.78-1.67, (7) Pakistan 0.70,  (8) China 0.24, (9) India 0.12. Australia does not have nuclear weapons but hosts likely nuclear-armed US B52 bombers and ships.

(k) Assessment in order of numbers of nuclear-powered submarines: US #1, Russia #2, China #3, UK #4, France #5, and India #6 out of 6 states (Australia is committed to equalling France):  (1) US  68 (14 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, 54 other nuclear-powered attack submarines), (2) Russia 29 (11 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, 18 other nuclear powered attack submarines), (3) China 12 (6 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, 6 other nuclear-powered attack submarines), (4) UK 11 (4 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, 7 other nuclear-powered attack submarines), (5) France 8 (4 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines, 4 other nuclear-powered attack submarines), and  (6) India has 1 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (Australia has committed to obtaining 8 US- or UK- designed nuclear-powered submarines in  the next 2 decades, has no nuclear weapons but hosts likely nuclear-armed US B52 bombers and ships; Apartheid Israel has 5 conventional submarines likely to be nuclear armed).

(l). Assessment as  “Nuclear-powered submarines per million of population” ranks US #1, Russia #2, UK #3, France #4, China #5, and India #6 out of 6 states (if Australia got its presently ordered 8 such submarines now it would rank #1 at 0.3137): (1) US 0.2054, (2) Russia 0.1988, (3) UK 0.1620, (4) France 0.1225,(5) China 0.0083 and (6) India 0.0007. Australia  has 8 on order and Apartheid Israel presently has 0.

Final comments.

Numerous careful quantitative comparisons between Australia and China in relation to  invasions of other countries, threat based on past and present conduct,  and per capita-based estimates of militarization in many specific  areas reveals that contrary to US and Australia assertions,  a climate criminal and war criminal  US lackey  Australia represents major threat to the Indo-Pacific whereas China offers peaceful economic advance that hopefully will be compatible with effectively tackling the worsening climate crisis.


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Dr Gideon Polya taught science students at La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia over 4 decades. He published some 130 works in a 5 decade scientific career, notably a huge pharmacological reference text “Biochemical Targets of Plant Bioactive Compounds”. He has also published “Body Count. Global avoidable mortality since 1950” (2007, 2022) and “Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History” (1998, 2008, 2023). He has recently published “US-imposed Post-9-11 Muslim Holocaust & Muslim Genocide” (2020), and “Climate Crisis, Climate Genocide & Solutions” (2020), and contributed to Soren Korsgaard (editor) “The Most Dangerous Book Ever Published – Dangerous Deception Exposed!” (2020). For images of Gideon Polya’s huge paintings for the Planet, Peace, Mother and Child see:  .


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